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A representative set of my writing, podcasting and speaking, along with guest appearances I’ve made & links to public recognition of my work. Some of this content is behind a register wall.


BOOK: Computer Networking Problems & Solutions
I co-authored this modern networking tome with Russ White. Find out more here.

Meet the Insiders: Ethan Banks
Members of the Aruba marketing team interview me before I attend the Aruba Atmosphere ’18 conference. 15-March-2018

Network Control in the Multicloud Era
I host a discussion with Josh George, VP Analytics, Data Science and Telemetry at Juniper Networks and Sasha Ratkovic, CTO and Founder at Apstra. November 2018.

The Complex Simplicity of SD-WAN
I opine that you should buy the simplest SD-WAN solution that needs your business needs, but no simpler., 15-November-2018.

Meet The Security Field Day Delegates: Ethan Banks
Members of the Aruba marketing team interview me before I attend the Security Field Day 1 event. 28-November-2018.


Daily Tech News Show, episode 2957A.
I chat with Tom Merritt and crew mostly about IPv6, 31-January-2017.

4 Emerging Network Trends
Marcia Savage, Executive Editor at Network Computing, interviews me about some big ideas in networking, 8-February-2017.

Interview with Packet Pushers Co-founder Ethan Banks
Daniel Dib & Kim Pedersen interview me in written format about a career in networking, 18-July-2017.


An Overview Of Network Telemetry
Solarwinds Thwack GeekSpeak Blog, 5-Jan-2016.

Consider These SD-WAN Architecture Pitfalls Before Adoption
SearchDataCenter, 16-June-2016.

We’ve heard it all before — Is this round of automated network hype going to deliver?
Silicon Angle’s theCube from Juniper NXTWORK, 05-October-2016.

How The Network Automation War Might Soon Be Won
TECHunplugged Chicago, 27-October-2016.


NFV: 4 Home Lab Options (Network Computing)
Network Computing, 23-February-2015.

The Potential of Open Networking, 8-April-2015.

Citizens of Tech Podcast Launches
Packet Pushers, 25-April-2015.

Operationalizing Open Networking – It’s Going To Be Hard, 20-May-2015.

Datanauts Podcast Launches
Packet Pushers, 12-June-2015.

How to Speed Up Your Network
BizTech Magazine, 18-June-2015.

Why Hardware Still Counts In Networking
Network Computing, 29-June-2015.

Top Tech Blog Award of 2015 presented by Broadview Networks
Broadview Networks, 28-July-2015.


SDN showdown: Examining the differences between VMware’s NSX and Cisco’s ACI
Network World, 6-January-2014.

Considering an SDN Platform? First define your operational needs.
SearchSDN, 8-January-2014.

14 questions to ask SDN vendors before investing.
SearchSDN, 8-January-2014.

The SDN transition: Understanding SDN vendors, concepts and challenges
TechTarget Essential Guide, 14-January-2014.

The Ethernet Switching Landscape – Blog Series, February-July 2014.

E2 Radio: An Interop Preview With Ethan Banks
Enterprise Efficiency (E2) Radio interview with Curtis Franklin Jr., 13-Feburary-2014.

Top Rated Speakers from Interop Las Vegas 2014
By Ally Thorndike, 25-April-2014. Nice to make the list.

50 Shades of Open SDN
NetworkComputing, 28-April-2014. No, I didn’t write that title — my editor did. ;-)

Blog Series for Auvik Networks
Contributed several articles to this new network management company, May-December 2014.

Whitebox Switching: Would You? Should You?, 7-May-2014.

A software-defined networking reality check for potential adopters
SearchDataCenter, 21-May-2014.

Will Software Defined Networking Actually Happen? “Perspectives” Blog, 9-July-2014.

Meet Ethan Banks, Interop’s Infrastructure Track Chair
By Clark Buckner, InformationWeek, 29-July-2014.

Missing Synergies & HP’s SDN, 22-August-2014.

Incremental SDN: Automating Network Device Configuration
Network World, 9-September-2014.

Software-Defined WAN: A Primer
Network Computing, 9-September-2014.

Understanding SDN Vendor Ecosystems
Network World, 9-September-2014.

The Case for a Leaf-Spine Data Center Topology
SearchDataCenter, 20-September-2014.

IT Blogger Spotlight: Ethan Banks of Ethan Banks on Networking and Packet Pushers
By Aaron Searle, 26-September-2014. SolarWinds profiles me in the Thwack community blog.

Cisco ACI Fabric Forwarding in a Nutshell, 16-October-2014.

50 Must-Read IT Blogs 2014
By Ricky Riberio, 5-November-2014. They say nice things about

Top 8 Sessions at Interop New York
By Drew Conry-Murray, 17-November-2014. NYC liked my presentation on active/active data centers.


Understanding Crossbar Fabrics & the iSlip Algorithm blog, 27-January-2013.

Podcast: OSPF Design – Debunking the Multiple Area Myth podcast recorded with Derick Winkworth, Paul Gear and Darren O’Connor, 2-February-2013.

Will SDN Kill Trill?
Network Computing blog, 26-February-2013.

Practical Software Defined Networking: How it can make your data center more efficient
Presentation at Modern Infrastructure Decisions, NYC, 11-April-2013.

Inside the Cisco Nexus 6004 Switch
Network Computing blog, 24-April-2013.

A Data Center Delivers Apps – So Shouldn’t We Monitor App Delivery? blog, 27-April-2013.

The Promise of SDN
Network World, contributed “SDN: The Core Building Blocks” & “SDN FAQ,” 13-May-2013.

Webinar: Will SDN Kill Ethernet Fabrics?
Moderator for Brocade, Chip Copper speaker, recorded 12-June-2013.

Podcasts: Cisco OTV Deep Dive Parts 1 & 2 podcasts recorded with independent network engineers Ken Matlock, Colby Glass and Jamie Caesar, 16+23-June-2013.

Positioning Cisco’s Ethernet Switching Products for the Enterprise blog, 2-July-2013.

Cisco EIGRP OTP Connects Networks Across Provider Infrastructure
Network Computing blog, 1-August-2013.

2013 SDN Survey: Growing Pains
InformationWeek Report, 15-August-2013.

Video: Ethan Banks talks SDN implementation and OpenFlow protocol
TechTarget SearchSDN, 21-August-2013. Recorded in April 2013 at Modern Infrastructure Decisions, NYC.

Video: The Underlay Network (SDN) with the Packet Pushers
Engineers Unplugged S3|Ep9. Cisco produced series, 21-August-2013. Recorded in July 2013 at Cisco Live US in Orlando, FL.

Podcast: How Much Is A Geek Worth These Days?
Geek Whisperers #21, 27-September-2013. I discuss the monetization of social media.

Enterprise QoS Workshop – Delivering Collaboration Applications End-to-End
Interop NYC presentation, 30-September-2013. This slide deck was built based on my enterprise QoS series.

Alternatives to Cisco Ethernet Switches
Interop NYC presentation, 2-October-2013.

Webinar: Network Virtualization: Examining The Options As SDN Takes Hold
Contributed 45 minute audio presentation with slide deck to this virtual classroom. Register walled. 26-November-2013.

What To Look For In An SDN Controller
Network World article, 2-December-2013.

Top 5 Rated Speakers for Interop NYC 2013
By Ally Thorndike, 4-December-2013. Nice to make the list.

Ten SDN Blogs Worth Following
By Michelle McNickle, 6-December-2013. I find myself in good company.

15 SDN Experts To Follow On Twitter
By Michelle McNickle, 18-December-2013. Apparently, I’m an SDN expert. I should really learn to code, but still a kind compliment to be included.

Top Network Computing Stories of 2013
By Network Computing Staff, 26-December-2013. My piece on setting up Cisco Fabric Extenders makes the list.


Successfully Managing Talented Technical People blog, 16-January-2012.

Good Habits for Basic Ethernet Switchport Provisioning in a Cisco IOS Environment blog, 11-February-2012.

You Can’t Build a System in a Silo: Let’s Reorganize IT blog, 3-April-2012.

The Modular Network-in-a-Box: What Could Happen If SDN Thinks Big blog, 6-June-2012.

Cisco Nexus Deep Dive Parts 1 & 2 podcasts recorded with Chris Marget, Tony Mattke and Jeff Fry, 9-June+ 2-August-2012.

Four Questions I Have Asked Network Engineering Candidates blog, 4-October-2012.

The Virtual Network
Network Computing Digital Edition cover story, November 2012.


Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should blog, 25-January-2011.

Firewall Forklift Upgrade: Migration Considerations blog, 6-May-2011.

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T Technical Highlights – Will Sup2T Stop You From Buying Nexus? blog, 14-September-2011.

The Reason Enterprises Aren’t Deploying IPv6 blog, 29-September-2011.


Assembly Required: A Basic Spanning-Tree Design for a Two-Tier Data Center blog, 5-September-2010.

The Scaling Limitations of Etherchannel -or- Why 1+1 Does Not Equal 2 blog, 27-November-2010.


A Day in the Life blog (imported here), 6-February-2008.

Taking The CCIE Lab Exam – The RTP Experience blog (imported here), 30-April-2008.

Post-Traumatic Test Disorder blog (imported here), 19-July-2008.

10 Signs You’re Ready For The Lab blog (imported here), 17-August-2008.


The Quest Begins blog (imported here), 1-January-2007.


Ethan Banks Tech podcaster & writer.

Most people know me because I write & podcast about IT on the Packet Pushers network. I also co-authored "Computer Networks Problems & Solutions" with Russ White.

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