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Value Constrains Us. At Least, It Should.

A friend of mine asked me, "How do you manage the billions of chat messages, chat apps, social media, etc.? I'm becoming so inefficient it isn't funny." I offer a long-form answer.

RESPONSE: 3 Hidden Lessons Behind Top Podcasts to Help Yours Stand Out

Podcasting is NOT a digital regurgitation of radio, although many try to shoehorn podcasts into a radio format, because the radio business is what they understand. However, podcast content is different. Distribution is different. Listener consumption is different. Monetization is different.

All Of Ethan’s Podcasts And Articles For March 2017

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It’s Personal

Sometimes it's okay to shut up. To show restraint. To chain the snark monster.

Supplemental Melatonin For Improved Sleep Quality

In an attempt to bring sleep regularity to my electronic world, I’ve begun experimenting with a melatonin supplement, taking 3mg about 30 minutes before I want to be asleep. I couple this with a reduction in screen time.


Most people know me because I write & podcast about IT on the Packet Pushers network. I also co-authored "Computer Networks Problems & Solutions" with Russ White.

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