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Enterprise QoS Part 01 – What is QoS, what does it do, and why do network engineers hate it?


What is QoS? Quality of service is a group of tools that form a traffic delivery policy. This policy ensures some traffic arrives on time, allows some traffic to arrive late, and some to not arrive at all, depending on how the traffic is classified and what importance is given to it. The idea is that traffic is split up into classes, and each class is treated in a particular way as it travels...

Enterprise QoS Part 00 – Series Introduction


Network engineers the world over have a loathing for quality of service (QoS). Next to IP multicast, QoS ranks near the top of the list of frustrating network technologies. But not for me. I thoroughly enjoy QoS. Why? QoS addresses real world problems of traffic not being delivered on time or at all. When correctly applied, QoS strategies affect real, positive changes for applications riding...


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