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Postpone Inbox Procrastination

I’ve recently admitted to myself that my ineptitude with my inbox is due largely to procrastination. That is, I can’t face the task that a particular inbox message presents, and thus I ignore the message. With this admission comes a desire to reach inbox zero each and every day. I don’t like my productivity squashed by ineptitude. I must overcome! But how? Getting to inbox zero...

Think Of Your Audience

As a technical writer, you're not writing to impress your peers--those people who already know what you know. Rather, you're writing for your audience. Think of them.

All Of Ethan’s Podcasts And Articles For September 2017

Here’s a catalog of all the media I produced (or helped produce) in September 2017. Packet Pushers Weekly Podcast Episode 356: Oracle Ravello’s Networking 2.0 (Sponsored) Episode 357: Beyond Name, Blame, And Shame In IT Episode 358: The NSX Future With VMware (Sponsored) Episode 359: Juniper And The Self-Driving Network (Sponsored) Packet Pushers Priority Queue Podcast Episode 128:...

How Uber Charges You Money, But You Get No Ride

The oddest thing was the realization that with all of the negative press around Uber in the last year, I rather despise the company anyway. If even half the reports are true, there is no redemption for their corporate culture.

Beware Bait & Switch

Over the weekend, I ordered an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router from The price was great, and their site stated they had 90 in stock. This afternoon, I receive via e-mail one of the oldest sales tricks there is--the bait and switch.

Ethan Banks Tech podcaster & writer.

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