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Migrating From One Old Mac To Another with Factory Reset & OS X YosemiteI had a need this past weekend to migrate from one old Mac running OS …2015/02/02Hands On2015-02-02 16:32:15
News Analysis: Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 ReleasedBig Switch Networks has released version 2.5 of their Big Cloud Fabric SDN offering. Read …2015/01/28News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2015-01-28 08:30:07
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Junos PyEZ Installation & Initial Testing on Mac OS XI am educating myself about network automation. As I spend a lot of time in …2014/12/31Hands On, SDN & Open Networking2014-12-31 11:37:53
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Friday News Analysis: Cisco Sues Arista For Patent + Copyright InfringementCisco is suing Arista in a pair of actions that will be interesting to follow as …2014/12/12News & Analysis2014-12-12 11:30:00
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Friday News Analysis: D-Link for Business Adds New Wireless ControllerD-Link Expands its Unified Wireless Portfolio with New Wireless Controller Supporting up to 256 Access …2014/12/05News & Analysis2014-12-05 11:30:45
Friday News Analysis: Open Networking Foundation, Dave Ward on OpenOpen Networking Foundation Extends Conformance Testing to Non-Members “The Open Networking Foundation (ONF), a non-profit …2014/11/21News & Analysis2014-11-21 03:00:24
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Friday News Analysis: Arkin Net, Pica8, OpenDaylight, Plexxi, JuniperArkin Net Rises from Stealth with $7M in funding, to bring Google Search-like Simplicity to …2014/11/14News & Analysis2014-11-14 08:00:31
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7-Nov-2014: Press Releases From Meru, Gigamon, Big Switch + DellI receive a steady stream of press releases from networking vendors. I don’t have time …2014/11/07News & Analysis2014-11-07 08:00:41
The Importance of Knowing BaselinesWhen observing network utilization (whether that’s bandwidth or some other element you monitor), you have to …2014/11/05Concepts2014-11-05 17:16:49
Using Scapple To Help Manage Complex Network ChangesI’ve blogged about Scapple in the past, describing how I’ve been using Scapple to do …2014/10/27Hands On2014-10-27 13:28:25
Announcement: The Hot Aisle NewsletterI’ve launched a newsletter called The Hot Aisle. Why might you care? The Hot Aisle is a …2014/10/20News & Analysis2014-10-20 11:45:17
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Replacing Traditional TV & DVR with Little Streaming BoxesAfter nine years with Dish Network, I’ve replaced it with an AppleTV and Roku 3 …2014/08/23Life & Career2014-08-23 09:00:54
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Missing Synergies & HP’s SDNAs someone who’s been monitoring HP’s SDN strategy for years now, news that Bethany Mayer …2014/08/22News & Analysis2014-08-22 08:00:01
Street Power vs. UPS Power In Redundant Power Supply DevicesA question came into the Packet Pushers mailbox along these lines. If a unit has …2014/08/21Hands On2014-08-21 13:55:13
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“What Might Have Been?” Is The Wrong QuestionA friend sent me a picture of an ink stamp from a company we started …2014/08/05Life & Career2014-08-05 03:11:31
The Principle of Same-Same in Physical Network DesignIn modern network architecture, most designs are redundant, often all the way through. Hosts uplink …2014/07/25Concepts2014-07-25 17:04:06
Seek The Peak Fundraiser Wrap-Up & Thank YouThanks to all of you that helped me raise money for New Hampshire’s Mount Washington …2014/07/24Life & Career2014-07-24 20:57:33
Guest Post – I Am Interviewed About Interop New YorkFolks, this is a first for me on this blog – a guest post. In …2014/07/22News & Analysis2014-07-22 15:54:17
What is ONIE (Open Network Install Environment)?On 16-July-2014, I attended a webinar hosted by Curt Brune of Cumulus Networks on ONIE. …2014/07/17SDN & Open Networking2014-07-17 12:33:17
Support Science – Donate to My 19-July-2014 Hike Up Mt. Washington!On Saturday, 19-July-2014, I’ll be hiking up to the summit of Mt. Washington in New …2014/07/15Life & Career2014-07-15 11:00:28
Planning A Physical Data Center Rack CleanupI’m part of a project that’s going to do some physical rack cleanup. As in, …2014/07/14Hands On2014-07-14 11:00:45
D-Link for Business? Yes, That’s a Thing.Yesterday, I was briefed by the good folks at D-Link about their managed Ethernet switches. …2014/07/11News & Analysis2014-07-11 11:00:49
The Ethernet Switching Landscape – Part 08 – SDN & OpenFlowThis is one of a multi-part series on the Ethernet switching landscape I wrote to …2014/07/09Concepts, SDN & Open Networking2014-07-09 16:12:11
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Junos SNMPv3 – Config Baseline for All OID Access Using USM with Authorization & PrivacySNMPv3 is the successor to the more commonly deployed SNMPv2c. While the underlying structure of …2014/02/14Hands On2014-02-14 10:47:04
Abstract All The Things -or- Why CLIs Are In My WayNetwork engineers tend to live at the command line interface (CLI). We learn them. We …2014/02/10SDN & Open Networking2014-02-10 20:34:45
Juniper MX Baseline for 802.3ad, 802.1q, Bridge Domains, IRB, Routing Instance, + OSPFThis is documentation of a part of a Juniper MX router configuration that took me …2014/02/08Hands On2014-02-08 18:42:52
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What OpenDaylight’s Hydrogen Release Means for Network EngineersThe Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight project announced their first official release today, codenamed Hydrogen. Hydrogen is …2014/02/05News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2014-02-05 03:00:40
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SDN Posts on TechTarget – Defining Operational Needs + 14 Questions To AskA couple of pieces I wrote for TechTarget were published on 8-January-2014. Another one of …2014/01/11News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2014-01-11 09:00:03
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Opengear IM4200 ‘Connection Refused’ on SSH to Ports 3001+Opengear makes out-of-band management console servers with a great deal of flexibility. In essence, an …2014/01/07Hands On2014-01-07 09:55:40
New Year’s Thoughts: Certs Good, Skills BetterFrom the near-religious fervor still surrounding certifications after all these years, I know that many …2013/12/30Life & Career2013-12-30 13:00:16
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Arista Networks VM Tracer Connects Switches to vCenter & Automates VLAN ProvisioningArista Networks sells low-latency, high-density, merchant-silicon based Ethernet switches that run a modular OS called …2013/12/13Hands On2013-12-13 12:00:02
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CCDE Group Study KBase Site Is UpI’ve built the framework for a CCDE knowledge base at design.packetpushers.net. The site uses the …2013/12/02CCDE2013-12-02 12:13:30
Worth Reading – RFC 7059, A Comparison of IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnel MechanismsI don’t usually get excited about new RFCs. They come, they go, with varying degrees …2013/11/28Hands On2013-11-28 21:12:38
Appropedia: Sharing Knowledge To Build Rich Sustainable LivesI have been exploring charities to support, and believe Appropedia is one such project. I …2013/11/27Life & Career2013-11-27 12:00:43
Burst: Aryaka Offers Optimized Private WANs Via Your Internet ConnectionWhile googling around for “SDN WAN”, I stumbled onto Aryaka. While they have little to …2013/11/26News & Analysis2013-11-26 09:58:13
Firewall Administration for Sysadmins in Four PartsI wrote a long blog post for Network Computing that ended up published in four …2013/11/18Concepts, News & Analysis2013-11-18 17:43:57
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Burst: Cisco Nexus Validation Testing Phase 2 Report AvailableRon Fuller retweeted from the corporate Cisco Nexus 7000 account a new report released by …2013/11/14News & Analysis2013-11-14 10:00:12
Burst: The OpenDaylight Project Hires An Executive DirectorThe OpenDaylight Project (ODL) is a consortium of vendors working together on a wide-ranging open source …2013/11/13News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2013-11-13 10:30:26
40GbE Over A Single MMF Pair? With QSFP-40G-SR-BD, You Can.As I continue to read through the tremendous amount of information generated about Cisco ACI, …2013/11/09News & Analysis2013-11-09 16:00:00
My Top Eight Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Videos To WatchCisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Overview. This is the visionary video…the pure marketing video. It’s …2013/11/09SDN & Open Networking2013-11-09 12:28:30
ASA 8.2(1) to SRX 11.4R7.5 Site-to-Site IPSEC VPN ConfigurationThis is a summary of bringing up an IPSEC site to site VPN tunnel between …2013/10/21Hands On2013-10-21 16:23:24
Book Review: SDN and OpenFlow for Beginners by Vivek TiwariVivek Tiwari gave me a copy of his book SDN and OpenFlow for Beginners with …2013/10/19SDN & Open Networking2013-10-19 16:38:21
CCDE Practical Exam Testing Locations ExpandedCisco PR let me know about some changes to the CCDE practical exam testing and …2013/10/14CCDE2013-10-14 16:43:53
Burst: Junos Genius App for iOS & AndroidI spotted a tweet earlier this week describing a Junos Genius app. Junos Genius is …2013/10/13News & Analysis2013-10-13 12:50:54
Huawei Enterprise Never Left The US MarketFor some months now, I’ve been under the impression that Huawei had left the US …2013/10/08News & Analysis2013-10-08 11:16:08
Burst: Cisco Catalyst Instant Access – Think FEX for CampusCisco Catalyst Instant Access combines a group of Catalyst 6800ia access-layer switches with a Catalyst …2013/10/01News & Analysis2013-10-01 12:48:33
Burst: Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) SDK Coming SoonCisco is enabling enterprises to customize their mobile apps via the Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) …2013/10/01News & Analysis2013-10-01 10:44:46
Cisco Learning Network Starts Delivering SDN CurriculumOne of the most common complaints I’ve heard raised against software defined networking (SDN) adoption …2013/09/30SDN & Open Networking2013-09-30 23:42:43
Enterprise QoS Part 09 – A consistent QoS strategy: end-to-end packet walk – congested vs. non-congested.If you’ve made it this far into the series, I have one simple point about …2013/09/27Concepts2013-09-27 15:46:37
Enterprise QoS Part 08 – A consistent QoS strategy: shaping to match downstream bandwidth while still prioritizing.When dealing with the WAN, a common problem is that the actual available bandwidth of …2013/09/24Concepts2013-09-24 15:16:39
Enterprise QoS Part 07 – A consistent QoS strategy: queueing collaboration applications at the WAN edge.As traffic flows across an enterprise’s network, there often comes a point where some part …2013/09/23Concepts2013-09-23 11:00:18
Enterprise QoS Part 06 – Using Cisco AutoQoS as a QoS baseline.Many large enterprises across the world use Cisco switching gear. As mentioned in previous parts …2013/09/22Concepts2013-09-22 11:00:59
Enterprise QoS Part 05 – A consistent QoS strategy: L2 & L3 traffic marking.A significant part of the challenge of delivering a QoS strategy to a network is …2013/09/21Concepts2013-09-21 11:00:20
Enterprise QoS Part 04 – Can someone please explain all of these QoS terms?Like any IT discipline, QoS is awash in terminology & acronyms. I’m going to tackle …2013/09/20Concepts2013-09-20 11:00:38
Enterprise QoS Part 03 – Isn’t packet delivery at all costs the most important thing?When designing a QoS scheme to apply to an enterprise network, a common misconception is …2013/09/19Concepts2013-09-19 11:00:45
Enterprise QoS Part 02 – Why do some applications require QoS, while others do not?With an introduction to QoS behind us, let’s start talking through some of the design …2013/09/18Concepts2013-09-18 11:00:53
Enterprise QoS Part 01 – What is QoS, what does it do, and why do network engineers hate it?What is QoS? Quality of service is a group of tools that form a traffic …2013/09/17Concepts2013-09-17 11:00:06
Understanding The SolarWinds Value Proposition #NFD6SolarWinds, for those that don’t know, is a company selling a network management system (NMS). …2013/09/16News & Analysis2013-09-16 17:27:20
Enterprise QoS Part 00 – Series IntroductionNetwork engineers the world over have a loathing for quality of service (QoS). Next to …2013/09/16Concepts2013-09-16 11:00:15
New Publications – SDN Report & VideoSome more content that I’ve generated in recent months has been published. The first one …2013/08/25News & Analysis2013-08-25 17:26:50
My First Look at Junosphere 3.0I’ve recently taken on a new day job, where I’ve inherited some Juniper gear that …2013/08/16Hands On2013-08-16 18:41:24
TechFieldDay.com Queues Up #NFD6 – Let’s Open Some PresentsI’ll be a delegate at Networking Field Day 6 in San Jose, to be held …2013/08/16News & Analysis2013-08-16 17:47:25
CCDE Bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben, Day FiveToday, I had several chances to think about just how hard it is to take …2013/08/02CCDE2013-08-02 23:53:49
CCDE Bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben, Day FourIn today’s technical lectures, we covered multicast & MPLS. And maybe something else. I’d have …2013/08/01CCDE2013-08-01 22:14:05
An Overview of EIGRP Over the Top (OTP)I wrote up a summary of Cisco’s newly announced EIGRP OTP feature for my blog …2013/08/01Concepts2013-08-01 21:36:47
CCDE Bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben, Day ThreeThe key takeaway for me today was one repeated point. It’s not enough to know …2013/08/01CCDE2013-08-01 00:01:36
Anuta Networks Adds Extensible Network Services to nCloudXAnuta Networks is a software defined networking startup that’s brought their nCloudX platform to market. …2013/07/30News & Analysis2013-07-30 22:22:27
LISP – Not Exactly A Routing ProtocolWhile editing Packet Pushers podcast show 155, the topic of what LISP is and does came up. …2013/07/30Concepts2013-07-30 21:32:14
CCDE Bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben, Day TwoToday’s classroom revealed a couple of key study strategies for the CCDE. One is understanding …2013/07/30CCDE2013-07-30 20:19:24
CCDE Bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben, Day OneFirst day at CCDE bootcamp with Jeremy Filliben. Thoughts: (1) Jeremy has given a lot …2013/07/29CCDE2013-07-29 21:39:34
My Presentations at Interop NYC 2013I am booked to present in three sessions at Interop NYC 2013. Here’s the big …2013/07/27News & Analysis2013-07-27 19:16:32
Embrane: Software Defined Network Services, Now With OverlayEmbrane is an SDN startup that’s in the business of software defined network services. Specifically, …2013/07/22News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2013-07-22 17:40:05
Why Nexus Validation Testing Is Worth Every Penny Cisco SpentCisco announced Nexus Validation Testing (NVT), which promises to greatly reduce the number of bugs …2013/07/22News & Analysis2013-07-22 09:01:46
Cisco’s Renewed Customer Focus & Alienating Your CoworkersI’ve written a couple of posts this week so far, both of which hit today, …2013/07/16News & Analysis2013-07-16 17:42:21
They Are My Own: A brief look back at bagging New Hampshire’s 48 4,000 footers.For the last 3 years, I’ve been hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when I …2013/07/13Life & Career2013-07-13 18:02:57
Take A 10 Minute SDN Survey & Help My Report AnalysisI’m writing a report for InformationWeek on software defined networking (SDN). The report is based …2013/07/11News & Analysis, SDN & Open Networking2013-07-11 09:00:10
Windows To Mac. Yeah, That Happened.Some months ago, I migrated from PCs running Windows 7 to OS X running on …2013/07/09Hands On2013-07-09 22:02:56
Live Tech Or Die Tweetup for New Hampshire Techies – 18-July-2013The Live Tech Or Die Tweetup is a chance for New Hampshire folks from all …2013/07/08Life & Career2013-07-08 08:45:02
My Historical CCIE Study Posts ImportedYou might know that I ran a popular CCIE study blog in 2007-2008. The current …2013/07/06CCIE2013-07-06 14:28:21
Tips for Planning a Hike Up Mt. Washington, New HampshireAt 6,288 feet, Mt. Washington is not especially tall by global standards, and in summertime, …2013/07/05Life & Career2013-07-05 13:03:35
Positioning Cisco’s Ethernet Switching Products For The EnterpriseOne thing I can’t help admiring Cisco for is their ability to identify a market …2013/07/02News & Analysis2013-07-02 00:43:04
Cisco Live US 2013 – Looking BackThe question I’ve been asked more than any other about CLUS 2013 is, “Did you …2013/06/29Life & Career2013-06-29 19:37:00
CCDE Wiki Site ProgressI proposed to the CCDE group study mailing list (feel free sign up if you’re …2013/06/25CCDE2013-06-25 16:33:14
Cisco OTV Shows On Packet PushersA few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to gather together 3 engineers with experience …2013/06/18Hands On2013-06-18 22:05:26
CCDE Written Scheduled at Cisco Live + My CLUS SessionsI’m heading to Cisco Live US (CLUS) to cover the event along with Greg Ferro …2013/06/18CCDE2013-06-18 21:28:59
Authoring BooksAt various times, I’ve pondered writing a book, and I’ve found a few things as …2013/06/06Life & Career2013-06-06 09:00:55
Collection of CCDE Study Approaches & TestimonialsThis group of links discuss the CCDE program in a general sense. The point of …2013/06/05CCDE2013-06-05 09:00:05
Improving Through FeedbackIn this TED Talk, Bill Gates discusses the lack of feedback most teachers receive in …2013/06/04Life & Career2013-06-04 09:00:36
MPLS Enabled Apps, Optimal Routing Design, Endangered CCIEsI’m working through chapter 1 of MPLS Enabled Applications. Early impressions are that it includes …2013/06/03Hands On2013-06-03 09:25:01
Connecting vs. Protecting IdeasInteresting TED Talk below, where Stephen Johnson makes the point that humans come up with …2013/06/02Life & Career2013-06-02 14:24:25
Engaging with IT Professionals via TwitterListening to the Geek Whisperers and pondering their viewpoints on how to effectively engage with IT folks …2013/05/16Life & Career2013-05-16 12:09:23
CCDE Group Study Mailing List Formed – Sign Up via URL If You LikeI built a Google Groups mailing list for people interested in CCDE. Yes, there’s a …2013/05/14CCDE2013-05-14 06:16:30
CCDE Study Group – UpdatesThree quick items for those interested in the CCDE program. I’ve created a Google Groups …2013/05/11CCDE2013-05-11 16:38:50
An Introvert’s Brush with Las VegasUntil 2 days ago, Las Vegas had always been a remote curiosity to me. I’ve …2013/05/11Life & Career2013-05-11 15:45:27
CCDE – Study Group, Anyone?After being cajoled by Russ White and others to go after the Cisco Certified Design …2013/05/04CCDE2013-05-04 11:01:20
On Thought LeadershipLinkedIn has been cramming “thought leaders” to follow down my throat for a few months …2013/04/07Life & Career2013-04-07 14:59:23
Disappointment: Linksys Maximum Performance Dual-Band N900 Router (E4200 v2)I’ve owned the Linksys E4200 v2 wireless access point & firewall/router for over a year …2013/04/03Hands On2013-04-03 08:30:47
Getting Busy IT People To Show Up For Your MeetingsScheduling a meeting with a busy IT person can be hard. And even if you …2013/03/18Life & Career2013-03-18 20:00:30
Review: Evernote As A Useful Tool For WritersIn the digital media business, content is king. I’m constantly looking for new content that …2013/02/10Hands On2013-02-10 16:12:39
Improving Your Twitter Privacy By Using ListsA long time ago, I gave up on trying to follow back everyone that follows me …2012/07/21Life & Career2012-07-21 12:30:26
How To Form An OpinionAge and maturity have brought about the realization to me that most people have little …2012/04/06Life & Career2012-04-06 15:53:31
Tips On Getting Things Done For The Person Already StretchedI am a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional stories about Middle-Earth. There are times where …2012/01/23Life & Career2012-01-23 11:21:03
Cisco Systems Logo As ASCII ArtAnd, for absolutely no reason, the Cisco Systems logo as ASCII art! No, I didn’t …2012/01/10Hands On2012-01-10 03:00:18
Review: Monoprice.com Wireless 802.11N Router w/ WPS & WISP Function (300Mbps)This little consumer-grade wireless router from monoprice.com caught my eye because it supported 802.11n, and …2012/01/04Hands On2012-01-04 11:55:35
A Fun Response To Recruiter Spam2011 was the Year of the Recruiter, at least in my world. They contact me …2012/01/03Life & Career2012-01-03 16:21:01
Off The Beaten Path: Classical Music For The UninitiatedClassical music has fallen into the shadow of rock’s towering popularity over the last fifty …2010/10/21Life & Career2010-10-21 21:09:46
Unwelcome to the Zed-ZoneZed sat alone on the floor in the dark, the data center having just gone …2010/08/09Life & Career2010-08-09 07:18:36
Episode 3: Faith, Or A Lack ThereofA Savant’s commitment to the Book is both unquestioning and unquestionable.  To be a Savant …2010/05/24Life & Career2010-05-24 20:59:10
CCIE Agent™ Eman Launches New Website (by Eman Conde)If I am a member of your network or you of mine (how does that …2010/04/09CCIE2010-04-09 17:16:18
Episode 2: General LunacyRefractory Nihilo, where I was trained, instills certain habits into those who make it to …2010/04/06Life & Career2010-04-06 12:20:10
Why Not Recertify With A Written Exam From Another Track?The question has been posed as to why I’m going after the R&S written to …2010/04/05CCIE2010-04-05 13:50:04
Episode 1: Room With A View“Have you seen this child?” I pushed the hand-drawn image across the counter to the …2010/03/30Life & Career2010-03-30 19:24:34
The Very BeginningWelcome to the very beginning of A Stand of Birches, fantasy blog fiction that I’ll …2010/03/21Life & Career2010-03-21 16:18:07
RecertificationTime, as they say, flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was doing my celebratory …2010/02/20CCIE2010-02-20 14:31:51
Mt. Tecumseh Is Summit One of the Winter 48There are two recognized New Hampshire 48 4,000 footer lists: climbing them all period, and …2009/12/31Life & Career2009-12-31 21:00:27
Mt. Morgan Hike – Microspikes in the SnowI did this hike as an exploration of what this whole winter hiking thing was …2009/12/19Life & Career2009-12-19 19:27:52
Snow Guns & Cigarettes: Mt. Tecumseh + Sosman TrailsTripoli Road is closed.  <Insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here.>  Most of you don’t …2009/12/05Life & Career2009-12-05 21:00:19
Greeley Ponds Trail with the Family – 4 Miles and Lots of StreamsConsidering the rough condition of my knee after Mt. Carrigain, we decided to take a …2009/11/21Life & Career2009-11-21 19:40:16
Birch Bark Breezes and Busted Knees: Mt. Carrigain via Signal Ridge TrailVeterans Day afforded me a day off, not only to contemplate our vets (thanks to …2009/11/12Life & Career2009-11-12 21:47:12
Walking with Bears: Sandwich Dome + Jennings Peak via Drakes Brook + Sandwich Mt. TrailsTook a 5 hour hike to the top of Sandwich Dome (3,980′), ascending via Drakes …2009/11/07Life & Career2009-11-07 20:21:45
Hiking Mt. Moosilauke via Benton Trail – From Fall to Winter in 3100 Vertical FeetI completed a 7.2 mile, 5 hour hike today (including rests), ascending to the summit …2009/10/16Life & Career2009-10-16 18:35:23
Hike to Mt. Israel Summit + Beede FallsA bit of a late post here about a hike I did with my wife …2009/10/12Life & Career2009-10-12 19:52:48
Morgan/Percival Loop Redux – Do You Burn More Calories When It’s Cold?Last week at work was one of those weeks I’d like to forget.  I’m in …2009/10/10Life & Career2009-10-10 20:00:37
Falling Waters Trail, Franconia Ridge, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Lafayette, Greenleaf Hut, Old Bridle Path – 8.9 Miles, 4000 CaloriesSaturday, 9/26 my wife and I hiked an 8.9 mile loop in the Franconia Notch …2009/10/04Life & Career2009-10-04 13:18:02
Greeley Ponds / Sabbaday Falls Hikes – 1400 CaloriesToday, I did a smaller hike to the Greeley Ponds off of the Kancamagus Highway, …2009/09/25Life & Career2009-09-25 20:48:11
Mt. Chocorua Hike – 4 Hours, About 3000 Calories Burned, Nice ViewsI hiked Mt. Chocorua today via the Champney Falls trail off the Kancamagus Highway. The …2009/09/24Life & Career2009-09-24 20:20:42
Hiking Morgan and Percival in the NH Squam RangeIn my quest for a healthy weight and lifestyle, I’ve gotten back to outdoor activities …2009/09/12Life & Career2009-09-12 10:21:14
CCIE Amnesty Program (from Eman Conde)A little something from Eman Conde, CCIE Agent… What does amnesty mean?  Well it has …2009/07/22CCIE2009-07-22 17:29:01
WISB – Free ToolMany of you may already be aware of the WISB tool freely available at networkers-online.com.  …2009/02/18CCIE2009-02-18 19:31:24
CCIE Flyer Online MagazineIn case you’re not aware, Eman Conde has been publishing the CCIE Flyer online magazine …2008/12/04CCIE2008-12-04 21:49:01
Persistence Pays OffI was going through the blogroll, checking candidate blog sites to see how they were …2008/11/29CCIE2008-11-29 13:26:22
Wordle Fun: A Peek Inside the Minds of CCIECandidate.comHappy Thanksgiving holiday to those of you celebrating this week.  Here’s a lighter post in keeping with …2008/11/26CCIE2008-11-26 09:42:31
UPDATED – IE Makes Major Announcement Today – No, They Aren’t Becoming a Cisco Partner Or Being Bought By CiscoInternetworkExpert.com makes a major corporate announcement today at 11:00 PDT.  No, I don’t know what …2008/10/30CCIE2008-10-30 07:21:55
Highlights – CCIE TV Broadcast from October 23, 2008Semi-live blogging as I watched the CCIE TV event from the Cisco learning network.  This …2008/10/23CCIE2008-10-23 12:32:19
Updated Saturday 10/18: Cisco Launches Authorized CCIE Training Program “Cisco 360”Cisco has launched their own authorized CCIE training program for the routing and switching track. …2008/10/18CCIE2008-10-18 10:07:03
Is Demand For CCIEs in the US Job Market Climbing or Falling?While perusing Brad Reese’s blog, I noticed a couple of recent articles asserting the following: …2008/09/25CCIE2008-09-25 07:44:50
10 Signs You’re Ready For The LabIt’s the question on the mind of every CCIE candidate:  when am I ready to …2008/08/17CCIE2008-08-17 16:49:27
Newly Added Blogs of CCIE CandidatesI’ve added some more blogs written by CCIE candidates. The trend of sharing pain with …2008/08/14CCIE2008-08-14 21:24:34
Job Posting – Mid-Level Engineer, North of BostonRumor has it that my company will be looking for a mid-level network engineer to …2008/08/11CCIE2008-08-11 16:06:10
Building a 10G Network – Part 1One of my current projects is to build out a 10G network to support server …2008/07/31CCIE2008-07-31 13:01:22
Job Posting – CCIE Wanted in AtlantaFourtune 500 Company located in Atlanta, GA *the position will be a contract (3 mo.) to …2008/07/29CCIE2008-07-29 17:44:30
Post-Traumatic Test DisorderTo the uninitiated, the CCIE lab exam might seem like any other test.  Oh, sure…it’s …2008/07/19CCIE2008-07-19 15:07:20
New CCIE Candidate BlogsI encourage you to swing by these CCIE candidate’s blogs I’ve newly linked to. Andy …2008/07/12CCIE2008-07-12 09:25:28
The CCIE Training BusinessIt’s interesting to watch the CCIE training business these days.  InternetworkExpert adds Scott Morris to …2008/07/11CCIE2008-07-11 12:21:40
Request for Participants – Eman Conde’s Summer 2008 CCIE Salary SurveyThis article is by Eman Conde, of Bridge Resourcing Solutions and the CCIE Agent blog, …2008/07/07CCIE2008-07-07 20:00:40
Narbik Kocharians/Micronics and IPExpert.com PartneringIPExpert.com released this news byte today discussing a partnership between Micronics Training and IPExpert.  Here’s …2008/07/07CCIE2008-07-07 19:48:07
Old Domain “ethanbanks.net” is Going AwayThe old domain name for this blog was “ethanbanks.net”, and lots of folks still link …2008/07/02CCIE2008-07-02 10:08:02
Registration No Longer Required To Comment on CCIECandidate.comI’ve opened up the comment function so that you no longer have to register & …2008/06/30CCIE2008-06-30 09:01:37
CCIE R&S Syllabus (2008), Part 3This article is a follow up to CCIE R&S Syllabus, Part 2… Q: I’m ready …2008/06/28CCIE2008-06-28 08:21:44
Contributors Wanted for CCIECandidate.comI’m looking for people to contribute to CCIECandidate.com. All of the following types of content …2008/06/27CCIE2008-06-27 13:26:21
Stop The Presses – IE Landed Scott Morris! Brian, Brian, and Scott = The Big ThreeI got this fascinating tidbit in my mailbox a little bit ago from InternetworkExpert.com: Reno, …2008/06/25CCIE2008-06-25 17:11:13
Server Re-imaged: We Can Make It Bigger, Stronger, FasterI am hoping that the server stability problems I was having a week or so …2008/06/17CCIE2008-06-17 19:28:32
Shiny New Server Teething ProblemsYou might have noticed that the shiny new Virtual Private Server (VPS) I’m running with …2008/06/04CCIE2008-06-04 16:40:18
CCIE R&S Syllabus (2008), Part 2This article is a follow up to CCIE R&S Syllabus, Part 1… Q: I’ve made …2008/06/03CCIE2008-06-03 12:58:58
Cisco NetPro “Ask The Expert” – CCIE Voice Running Through 6/13/2008The Cisco NetPro forum is running a new “Ask The Expert” for the CCIE program, …2008/06/02CCIE2008-06-02 06:38:25
New Server For CCIECandidate.comCCIECandidate.com has been moved to a new server. The site should be more responsive, as …2008/05/31CCIE2008-05-31 14:12:39
CCIE R&S Syllabus (2008), Part 1Many CCIE candidates have asked for my comments on their studies. What do I think …2008/05/29CCIE2008-05-29 06:39:15
Work Projects Keepin’ Me Busy: 10-Gig Rollout + New MDF + RMONI am buried at work. That is to say, happily buried. I bore easily; it’s …2008/05/22CCIE2008-05-22 17:34:36
Request For Comments – CCIE Command MemorizerAnyone used the CCIE Command Memorizer product and care to comment? I’m not at all …2008/05/20CCIE2008-05-20 16:57:37
Cisco NetproThere’s a new “Ask The Expert” thread about Preparing for the CCIE Security Exam on …2008/05/19CCIE2008-05-19 05:26:01
Will CCIE Certification Lose Value Like MCSE Did Back In The 90’s?Carl Yost published this on his blog yesterday, and it got me thinkin’… Does anyone …2008/05/16CCIE2008-05-16 15:47:08
I’ve Been Reduced To PleskI have my virtual private server (VPS) account opened up, and I’m working on moving …2008/05/14CCIE2008-05-14 20:14:52
Request for Comments – Catalyst 6500 EEM + GOLDI’m looking into Cisco’s Embedded Event Manager to proactively monitor Catalyst 6500 system health.  The …2008/05/09CCIE2008-05-09 09:21:53
Other CCIE Candidate BlogsYou’ve noticed the left and right columns of information on this blog.  Because they’re always …2008/05/09CCIE2008-05-09 07:48:55
CCIE Week 1 – Core CrashI went back to work last Thursday. The day started out as a normal day. …2008/05/04CCIE2008-05-04 19:26:53
Housekeeping Items for the CCIE Candidate BlogA few housekeeping items related to the CCIE Candidate blog: The main URL has been …2008/05/02CCIE2008-05-02 17:48:50
Taking The CCIE Lab Exam – The RTP ExperienceAllow me to offer a heartfelt “thank you” for your congratulatory blog comments and unicasts …2008/04/30CCIE2008-04-30 13:58:33
CCIE #20655I suppose the post title is a dead give away, but I’ll go ahead and …2008/04/29CCIE2008-04-29 20:29:03
A Fair Shot – Time To ExecuteI’m about done looking at labs, workbooks, the Doc CD, my notes, CLIs, PDFs, blogs, …2008/04/26CCIE2008-04-26 15:19:24
The Prairie Dog Peeks OutJust popping my head out of the hole for a minute before heading back down.  …2008/04/24CCIE2008-04-24 12:13:43
Coming Up For Air – UPDATED 4/20/2008I took yesterday off of work so that I could get a full-scale practice lab …2008/04/19CCIE2008-04-19 15:11:48
IEWB Vol.3 Lab 7 CompleteNo detailed tech breakdowns on this half-lab. The lab contained a complex OSPF topology, but …2008/04/16CCIE2008-04-16 17:18:04
IEWB Vol.3 PDFs Should Be Fixed + Re-Reading + Equal-Cost OSPF E2s Tiebreaker Is Cost to ASBRBrian Dennis contacted me about a post I’d written complaining about the typos in IEWB …2008/04/14CCIE2008-04-14 12:15:22
IEWB Vol.3 Lab 6 – Connect 2 Separate OSPF Backbone Areas Via Redistribution + RIP v2 Without “version 2” Command + Multilink PPP over FR (MLPoFR)I just finished off lab 6 in the InternetworkExpert.com volume 3 series. One odd problem …2008/04/12CCIE2008-04-12 15:27:57
A Script for the “Troubleshooting” Section?The lab exam might have a troubleshooting section. NMC DOiT labs did not cover troubleshooting, …2008/04/12CCIE2008-04-12 09:33:07
IEWB Vol.3 Lab 5 – Forwarding Weirdness on PPPoFR Multipoint + PPP with Dialer Is A No-Go + Filtering RIP “default-information originate” By Interface…Maybe + bgp redistribute-internalThis lab has been a bit of fun, with a lot of odd little challenges …2008/04/11CCIE2008-04-11 16:45:14
Cisco NetproThere’s a new “Ask The Expert” thread about Preparing for the CCIE SP Exam on …2008/04/09CCIE2008-04-09 07:10:41
IEWB Vol.3 UpdateI completed InternetworkExpert.com version 4.1 volume 3 labs 3 + 4 on Saturday. The IEWB …2008/04/08CCIE2008-04-08 06:00:33
Cisco NetproI asked a couple of CCIE-related questions that Maurilio Gorito answered on this Cisco NetPro …2008/04/07CCIE2008-04-07 16:25:38
IEWB Vol.3 Labs 1 & 2 Done – OSPF Summarization To A Specific Neighbor Using An Alternate Process IDIt seems I had no end of interruptions this week.  Just…stuff.  All kinds of stuff …2008/04/05CCIE2008-04-05 00:58:52
Bad Assumptions Make Labs Harder Than They Need To BePart of the mystique of the CCIE lab is the difficulty people have in passing …2008/04/03CCIE2008-04-03 05:49:58
InternetworkExpert.com Mock Lab #6 – UPDATED 4/1/2008I did InternetworkExpert.com mock lab #6 today. I really have no idea how I did. …2008/04/01CCIE2008-04-01 15:27:15
Request For Comments – Your Favorite 5 IEWB Vol.2 LabsI know that many of you are working on (or perhaps completed) the InternetworkExpert.com 4.1 …2008/03/31CCIE2008-03-31 19:37:16
Bought The Plane Tickets – I’m Going To RTPThere’s no backing out now. I reserved the plane tickets, hotel, and car for the …2008/03/27CCIE2008-03-27 09:56:22
Cisco Netpro “Ask The Expert” – Preparing for CCIE in Routing and Switching Running Through 4/4/2008There’s a new “Ask The Expert” thread about Preparing for CCIE in Routing and Switching …2008/03/26CCIE2008-03-26 06:01:50
Cabled For IEWB Volume 3I spent my lunch hour and about a half-hour past when I was supposed to …2008/03/24CCIE2008-03-24 19:29:05
CCIE Routing and Switching Labs Open on the WeekendsFrom the March 2008 Cisco Technical Services News e-mail: CCIE Routing and Switching Labs Open …2008/03/24CCIE2008-03-24 06:05:03
Static Routes with IP SLA and Object TrackingThis small lab uses IP SLA to track the reachability of a remote IP. That …2008/03/21CCIE2008-03-21 22:51:58
Lab Exam Test-Taking TipsThese lab exam strategy tips are courtesy of triple CCIE Narbik Kocharians. This certainly isn’t …2008/03/21CCIE2008-03-21 21:41:45
Getting a Performance BoostAlthough the title sounds like spam, I’m not selling any pills here.  Rather, “getting a …2008/03/21CCIE2008-03-21 12:31:29
Only The Focused and Driven Need ApplyOne of the enjoyable elements of a technical class is kibitzing with other geeks. You …2008/03/20CCIE2008-03-20 19:12:32
Narbik’s Bootcamp Round 2 CommentsComing back for a second round of bootcamp with Narbik Kocharians has definitely been worth …2008/03/19CCIE2008-03-19 11:25:09
Heading Back to Narbik’s BootcampTomorrow, I’m heading out to Pasadena, CA again for another week with Narbik Kocharians.  This …2008/03/15CCIE2008-03-15 18:17:01
Narbik’s BGP Advanced Workbook Done, On To QoS and IP ServicesI finally finished Narbik Kocharians’ BGP Advanced Lab Workbook last night. I have been having …2008/03/12CCIE2008-03-12 16:56:58
I Registered CCIECandidate.com + Thoughts About This Site Post-DigitsIn the “I doubt anyone cares but I’ll mention it anyway” department… I registered cciecandidate.com …2008/03/11CCIE2008-03-11 16:38:54
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB – Fare Thee Well, But I Must Soldier On Without Ye…I quit the GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB mailing list a few weeks ago, and I don’t think …2008/03/10CCIE2008-03-10 05:59:05
BGP Well-Known CommunitiesI’m still making slow progress through Narbik’s advanced lab workbooks. I was scheduled to have …2008/03/06CCIE2008-03-06 18:08:25
Dear Cisco – Please Fix the Doc CD!To Whom It May Concern At Cisco: For years now, I’ve used and loved the …2008/03/04CCIE2008-03-04 06:39:05
Still Slogging AwayThis was one of those days where everything seemed to conspire against me when it …2008/03/03CCIE2008-03-03 21:46:10
OT: Cisco WAAS vs. Riverbed SteelheadWe are doing WAN accelerator evals. I’ve been drinking the Cisco kool-aid for a long …2008/03/03CCIE2008-03-03 07:06:30
Making Good Progress Through Narbik’s WorkbooksI’ve been crunching on labs for the last 4 hours or so, and I’m out …2008/03/01CCIE2008-03-01 00:07:15
PPP Over Frame with “no peer neighbor-route”I am working on Narbik Kocharians’ advanced technology lab workbooks, and had one of those …2008/02/28CCIE2008-02-28 19:50:52
How Has Bootcamp Affected My Lab Preparation Strategy?I’ve completed a week with Narbik Kocharians at his CCIE lab bootcamp. How did bootcamp …2008/02/25CCIE2008-02-25 13:38:47
Narbik KochariansI am going to wrap-up my bootcamp experience with Narbik Kocharians in a Q&A format, …2008/02/24CCIE2008-02-24 16:10:39
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 6 CommentsThe last day of class was really a half-day, 9am to 12pm. Narbik purposely constructs …2008/02/24CCIE2008-02-24 14:46:08
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 5 CommentsThe first part of the morning, we worked on labs. Narbik wanted us to do …2008/02/24CCIE2008-02-24 12:39:32
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 4 CommentsNarbik focused on BGP throughout day 4.  One of Narbik’s lecturing distinctives is that he …2008/02/22CCIE2008-02-22 11:25:57
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 3 CommentsDay 3 was focused on OSPF.  Narbik’s OSPF lecture was about 3.5 hours, and covered …2008/02/21CCIE2008-02-21 10:18:44
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 2 CommentsOn day 2, Narbik lectured on RIPv2 and EIGRP.  For lab work, we covered RIPv2 …2008/02/20CCIE2008-02-20 10:18:03
Bootcamp with Narbik – Day 1 CommentsThe bootcamp format is straightforward. Narbik lectures in a somewhat open format, where you can …2008/02/19CCIE2008-02-19 11:25:08
Heading To Narbik Kocharians’ CCIE Lab BootcampI am all packed up to go to Narbik Kocharians’ CCIE lab bootcamp in Pasadena, …2008/02/17CCIE2008-02-17 09:32:57
OT: Cat6500/Sup720 12.2(33)SXH1 Modular IOSI’ve spent much of today working on upgrading a couple of our lab Catalyst 6500s …2008/02/12CCIE2008-02-12 20:54:09
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 2/11/2008 – L2TP Topology Loops + Display K-Values + Proctors Won’t Break Your Lab + Loopback Interface Command + service unsupported-transceiverSome of the comments that interested me from GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB mailing list over the last …2008/02/11CCIE2008-02-11 09:34:56
Soup-To-Nuts BGP Labs 1-5 – Dual Route Reflectors + Conditional Advsertisements + BGP Dampening + AggregatesI spent some time with Narbik Kocharians’ Soup-To-Nuts BGP labs today. There are 15 small …2008/02/09CCIE2008-02-09 17:42:24
A Day In The Life3:00am (or so) – One of my cats begs for death by waking me up …2008/02/06CCIE2008-02-06 19:11:13
CCIE Mini-Lab Solution: IOS Firewall + PAT + CBWFQ – Not There Yet, Making ProgressI have been working on writing the solution for the mini-lab I posted a few …2008/02/05CCIE2008-02-05 20:04:24
More Thoughts About Next Steps in Lab PrepI am one of these people who like to have everything lined up nicely and …2008/02/02CCIE2008-02-02 12:47:21
Double-Booking The Lab Not AllowedConsidering the low pass rate of lab first-timers and the 6 month lead-time to book …2008/02/01CCIE2008-02-01 07:12:18
3 Months To GoIt’s 3 months to go before my first lab attempt, and I’m having one of …2008/01/31CCIE2008-01-31 20:34:52
Sometimes I Hate ComputersOne of my DNS servers lost its mind tonight – still not sure why.  Maybe …2008/01/28CCIE2008-01-28 22:00:05
Mini-Lab: IOS Firewall + PAT + CBWFQI’m trying something new today: I’m writing a mini-lab. My idea is to take a …2008/01/27CCIE2008-01-27 13:35:14
NetworkWorld.com Article – The First CCIE & A Little CCIE Program HistoryI stumbled across this Brad Reese article on NetworkWorld.com today.  Brad answers these poignant questions: …2008/01/25CCIE2008-01-25 07:18:52
10 Words or Less – Spanning Tree3560 IOS 12.2(25)SEE Commands for Spanning Tree show spanning-tree – display large variety of STP …2008/01/24CCIE2008-01-24 19:53:50
Next Steps In My Lab Prep?On Monday, I completed the last NetMasterClass.com DOiT Vol.2 practice lab.  Finally, all 25 of …2008/01/24CCIE2008-01-24 14:34:39
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 1/22/2008 – Static Routes With Object Tracking + The VTP Version Mystery + no ip mroute-cache + debug ip mpacket + Creative EIGRP Default Route Creation + A Better TCL PingerTopics that interested me over the last several days of reading threads on the GroupStudy.com …2008/01/22CCIE2008-01-22 19:01:59
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 25 – OSPF Multicast Addresses + ISPF + OSPF Virtual-Link Authentication + match interface + EIGRP Stub + distance ospf + neighbor fallover + bgp fast-external-fallover + bgp dampening + Bidirectional PIM with BSRAt long last, I have completed the NetMasterClass.com DOiT Volume 2 series of 25 full-scale …2008/01/21CCIE2008-01-21 20:21:05
Narbik Kocharians’ Soup-To-Nuts – eBook OverviewRegular readers are aware that I’m headed to Pasadena, California in February to spend a …2008/01/19CCIE2008-01-19 18:04:45
Great How-To Story From a Newly Minted CCIEI caught a great post on the GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB mailing list from Bruno Wollmann, sporting …2008/01/18CCIE2008-01-18 11:05:59
10 Words Or Less – EIGRPIOS 12.4 EIGRP Commands auto-summary (EIGRP) – auto-summarize networks on classful boundaries clear ip eigrp …2008/01/17CCIE2008-01-17 20:16:20
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 1/15/2008 – Prefix Lists + PAgP “non-silent” + OSPF Flood Wars + Duplicate EIGRP RIDsGleanings from the GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB mailing list over the last few days… An interesting practice …2008/01/15CCIE2008-01-15 13:46:29
How Ready Am I? How Might I Have Prepared Differently?A charitable soul commented this: Along with reading your blog on a daily basis I …2008/01/15CCIE2008-01-15 08:33:06
10 Words Or Less – RIPIOS 12.4 Commands for RIP auto-summary – auto-summarization across classful boundaries default-information originate – generates …2008/01/14CCIE2008-01-14 19:57:37
10 Words Or LessI’m going to start a new blog series called “10 Words Or Less”. The idea …2008/01/14CCIE2008-01-14 13:46:21
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 24 – Multilink Frame Relay + frame-relay map bridge + switchcore wirespeed-store + BGP Well-Known Communities + BGP ORF (Outbound Route Filtering) + BGP Conditional Route Injection + BGP MulticastI wound my way through NetMasterClass.com DOiT Vol.2 scenario 24 yesterday. I was able to …2008/01/13CCIE2008-01-13 14:58:26
Feb ’08 CCIE Lab Bootcamp With Narbik Kocharians BookedI will be attending Narbik Kocharians’ CCIE lab bootcamp in Pasadena, California, USA February 18th …2008/01/13CCIE2008-01-13 13:16:37
HumanModem Passed His CCIE R&S Lab In One ShotCheck out this great blog post by HumanModem about how his preparation strategy led to …2008/01/13CCIE2008-01-13 09:37:43
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 1/10/2008 – show ip bgp regexp + switchport trunk pruning vlan + Mobile IP vs. LAM + Automating Catalyst Ping Tests With MacrosMy gleanings from GroupStudy.com posts I’ve read over the last couple of days. Use the …2008/01/10CCIE2008-01-10 12:25:11
How Has CCIE Preparation Helped Me At Work?A blog reader posted this comment: Ethan, if you get a chance while blogging, we’d …2008/01/09CCIE2008-01-09 18:39:48
What Do I Want In A CCIE Bootcamp?This comment was made in regards to an earlier post. At the risk of sounding …2008/01/08CCIE2008-01-08 20:32:15
Doc CD + Other Reading List UpdateAs I’ve mentioned in previous strategy posts, I can’t do labs during the week.  My …2008/01/08CCIE2008-01-08 08:45:44
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 23 – ICMPv6 Packet Types and CodesOh, yes – one other thing I discovered working on NMC DOiT scenario 23. I …2008/01/07CCIE2008-01-07 19:16:59
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 23 – frame-relay inverse-arp IP DLCI-number + area nssa translate type7 suppress-fa + IPv6 Redistribution Using include-connected + Stateful NAT + QoS drop + Login BlockI ran through NetMasterClass.com DOiT Vol.2 scenario 23 on Saturday. It took me about 7.5 …2008/01/07CCIE2008-01-07 15:05:44
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 1/7/2008 – Why People Fail The Lab + TFTP Opens Random Ports + OSPF LSAs That Don’t Get In The Routing TableA list of common reasons people fail the lab exam, from Anthony Sequeira’s new site, …2008/01/07CCIE2008-01-07 13:30:16
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 1/4/2008 – Prefix-list Tutorial + Sink RP + IOS Privileges + Where To Enable Bidir PIMHere’s what most interested me as I read through GroupStudy CCIE-LAB list posts today. A …2008/01/04CCIE2008-01-04 14:14:03
InternetworkExpert.com $99 Graded Mock Lab January 2008 SpecialIE is running another $99 graded mock lab special through the end of January 2008.  …2008/01/03CCIE2008-01-03 09:36:24
More Strategy – Reading + Bootcamp? + Other WorkbooksI’ve begun something again that I had quit after passing the written: reading. Now, I …2008/01/03CCIE2008-01-03 08:53:41
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 22 – SNMPv3 + Multicast Redundant RPs with MSDP + rcmd + rsh + memory free low-watermark + memory reserve criticalI frittered away the morning upgrading the blog site. Ah, well. It had to be …2008/01/01CCIE2008-01-01 13:45:59
The 2 Brian’s of InternetworkExpert.com Have A CCIE BlogAnother candidate shot me an e-mail to let me know that the 2 Brian’s of …2008/01/01CCIE2008-01-01 08:59:41
Happy New Year – Tweaks to the CCIE Candidate BlogHappy 2008 to all. Let’s hope this year brings successful lab attempts to many of …2008/01/01CCIE2008-01-01 08:45:49
GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB List – Best of 12/31/2007 – ppp hostname + Multicast Auto-RP + PIMv2 Implies BSR + Chocolaty Traceroute GoodnessThe following info was gleaned from the GroupStudy.com CCIE-LAB mailing list posts I read on …2007/12/31CCIE2007-12-31 13:23:30
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 22 – Multipoint GRE with NHRP + Strategy Ramblings + rotary + autocommandHere’s my tech highlights for NetMasterClass.com DOiT Volume 2 Scenario 22. As always, I don’t …2007/12/30CCIE2007-12-30 13:35:48
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 22 – Quick OverviewI completed NetMasterClass.com DOiT scenario 22 today.  This was an awesome lab.  I don’t know …2007/12/29CCIE2007-12-29 18:46:06
Other Ways To Build Knowledge For The LabThere are some other things I’ve added to my daily routine to help me build …2007/12/28CCIE2007-12-28 07:42:03
GroupStudy CCIE Lab Mailing ListI finally joined a CCIE lab mailing list. I resisted the urge for a long …2007/12/28CCIE2007-12-28 06:54:52
Building SpeedI said in an earlier post that ignorance was my greatest enemy.  For sure, I’m …2007/12/26CCIE2007-12-26 15:28:23
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 21 – ip accounting precedence + IOS menu + RIPng port & multicast-group + 3550 Minimal Configuration Load Balancing + Pragmatic General MulticastContinued from the previous post. Using the “ip accounting precedence” interface command will instruct the …2007/12/26CCIE2007-12-26 14:10:42
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 21 – OSPF Database Filter + OSPF ISPF (Incremental SPF) + Advertising Routes to HSRP Virtual IP + neighbor local-as + neighbor disable-connected-checkI was originally scheduled to do NetMasterClass.com DOiT scenario 22 on Monday, but I opted …2007/12/26CCIE2007-12-26 13:22:01
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 21 – Quick OverviewI got through about 80% of NetMasterClass.com scenario 21 today.  That took about 7 hours.  …2007/12/22CCIE2007-12-22 19:01:20
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 20 – ip ospf lls disable + max-lsa + redistribute maximum-prefix + Native IPv6 Tunneling + variance + set community no-advertise + ip mobile + Use Sane Bandwidth StatementsI am beat right now – dog tired. There’s a week’s worth of mail sitting …2007/12/21CCIE2007-12-21 19:04:56
VLANs – Tagging “ALL” Traffic Implies ISLIn my last post, I mentioned the following: I should have done ISL trunks, not …2007/12/19CCIE2007-12-19 08:11:38
InternetworkExpert.com Mock Lab #2 – Scoring ReportI ended up with a 47, not what I was hoping for, but close to …2007/12/18CCIE2007-12-18 08:06:01
InternetworkExpert.com Mock Lab #2 Summary – UPDATED: 12/16/2007I just got through an InternetworkExpert.com mock lab. First, some comments about the product. I …2007/12/15CCIE2007-12-15 16:30:42
InternetworkExpert.com Mock Lab Scheduled For 12/15/2007I will be taking an InternetworkExpert.com CCIE mock lab tomorrow. I’ll write up my experience …2007/12/14CCIE2007-12-14 14:53:01
On Being Obsessive Compulsive & Prepping For The CCIE LabI saw this post about messy desks on a Cisco blog. The post basically says …2007/12/11CCIE2007-12-11 08:16:05
Mind Mapping?Some CCIE candidates use mindmaps as study aids. What about you? Are you a mindmapper? …2007/12/10CCIE2007-12-10 06:53:11
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 20 – On Hold, Broken R6 Console PortI am going to push NetMasterClass.com scenario 20 out a couple of weeks.  When I …2007/12/08CCIE2007-12-08 08:48:38
InternetworkExpert.com $99 Mock Lab December ’07 SpecialInternetworkExpert.com is running a special on their routing & switching mock labs. For $99, you …2007/12/08CCIE2007-12-08 08:25:55
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 19 – BGP network backdoor + RSVP + 3550 MAC FilteringIn the last NetMasterClass.com DOiT scenario 19 post, I concluded with this provocative statement: “I …2007/12/07CCIE2007-12-07 07:40:20
Multicast Over Frame-Relay – ip pim nbma-modeI pilfered this link from a comment on CCIE Pursuit’s blog.  This info is so …2007/12/04CCIE2007-12-04 06:41:57
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 19 – Multicast RPF Checks + Sanity Check Frame Relay Maps + RIP Conditional Default Origination + ip drp server + WCCPI was not into this lab at all today. It wasn’t the lab itself…I just …2007/12/01CCIE2007-12-01 18:30:22
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – 3550 Interface Macros + Preface Literal ? with Ctrl-V + CPU Threshold SNMP Alerting + file verify auto + parser config cache interfaceLast post for NMC scenario 18. There is a “define interface-range” macro function on Cat3550 …2007/11/30CCIE2007-11-30 18:59:22
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – BGP Synchronization + BGP network route-map + tunnel mode ipsec ipv4 + 3550 flowcontrol + Fair-queueing In Class-DefaultMore notes continued from the previous post. We’re probably all familiar with the fundamental rule …2007/11/30CCIE2007-11-30 18:29:42
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – OSPF Point-To-Multipoint + OSPF Priorities + RIP timers-basic + EIGRP stub receive-only + EIGRP Route Filtering By Source ProtocolBetter late than never, here are my tech notes on NetMasterClass.com DOiT Vol.2 CCIE practice …2007/11/30CCIE2007-11-30 17:57:08
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – Tech Notes Coming SoonI’m still not done this lab.  I’ve totalled 9h 20 minutes, and I still have …2007/11/26CCIE2007-11-26 20:37:48
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 18 – Early Comments About Scenario DifficultyI started NetMasterClass.com DOiT v2 scenario 18 today. I’m not done this beast yet, but …2007/11/24CCIE2007-11-24 18:29:37
Lab Roadmap Scheduling UpdateMy little experiment this week of doing three 8-hour practice scenarios on three consecutive days …2007/11/23CCIE2007-11-23 14:30:01
A New CCIE Candidate Post Category – StrategyI created a new category called “Strategy” to contain all blog posts related to CCIE …2007/11/22CCIE2007-11-22 13:11:47
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 17 – IP Event Dampening + BGP Communities + IRDPFirst off, it’s Thanksgiving today here in the United States. So to all of you …2007/11/22CCIE2007-11-22 12:30:04
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 16 – Entire Class B= + NTP Authentication + IPv6 RIP Split-Horizon + 3550 MQC PolicerAnother successful NetMasterClass.com DOiT completion today, this time scenario 16 in about 7 hours, 20 …2007/11/20CCIE2007-11-20 17:43:27
Squishy In BetweenIt snowed here today. That’s saying something. When I started preparing for CCIE back in …2007/11/20CCIE2007-11-20 16:48:07
CCIE Assessor vs. NMC CHECKiT vs. IE Mock Lab?“Am I really ready for the lab?” That’s the question we’re all asking ourselves. It’s …2007/11/19CCIE2007-11-19 20:10:27
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 15 – Embedded Event Manager ExampleI mentioned in the last post… “Read up on the Cisco Embedded Event Manager. It’s …2007/11/19CCIE2007-11-19 19:41:36
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 15 – bgp cluster-id + Dual Route-Reflectors + ip as-path access-list + Embedded Event Manager + IPv6 TunnelMore tech highlights. I ran into some obscure wording on a BGP task: “provide redundant …2007/11/19CCIE2007-11-19 16:04:47
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 15 – Back-to-Back Frame Relay + ISL=No Native VLAN + Computing Wildcard Masks With XORThis lab (NetMasterClass.com DOiT Vol2 Scenario 15) was a little short, but had that standard …2007/11/19CCIE2007-11-19 15:11:18
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 14 – TCP Keepalives + BGP “next-hop” + 3550 Port ACLs + Multicast Rendezvous Point + IP SLA Needs NTPContinued from the previous post… “no service dhcp” will disable the DHCP server and relay …2007/11/18CCIE2007-11-18 15:03:44
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 14 – frame-relay inverse-arp + IRB + OSPF Virtual Links + Unicast RIP + Router Auto-InstallIf you also do these scenarios, you’ll realize that I don’t blog about each and …2007/11/18CCIE2007-11-18 14:16:14
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 14 – Quick OverviewI plowed through scenario 14 today.  This was a tough lab, lots of little tasks …2007/11/17CCIE2007-11-17 15:12:58
5 Labs in 8 DaysI’m going for it.  5 practice labs in 8 days.  I’m taking 3 days off …2007/11/16CCIE2007-11-16 20:51:48
OECG News – CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide (3rd Edition) ReleasedThis is hardly breaking news, but the CCIE Routing & Switching Official Exam Certification Guide …2007/11/13CCIE2007-11-13 13:51:53
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 13 – “ip default-gateway” + “default-information originate” + Creating Core Dumps + “no service pad” + MAC Address Notification Traps + GLBPI did well with this scenario overall. I got hung up on the multicast, never …2007/11/11CCIE2007-11-11 16:16:42
Lab Strategy UpdateMy lab strategy keeps changing in little bits. Here’s my approach as it stands today, …2007/11/11CCIE2007-11-11 14:15:30
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 13 – Quick OverviewI got the scenario done today, and I was happy overall.  I still stink at …2007/11/10CCIE2007-11-10 15:31:40
Egos and TeamworkMy practice rack is staged and ready with the initial config for NetMasterClass.com scenario 13, …2007/11/09CCIE2007-11-09 18:20:37
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 12 – EIGRP Variance + Netflow Selective Sampling + PBR with CDP + IPv6 to IPv4 NAT-PTThe EIGRP variance command sets a multiplier to allow load-balancing across links with unequal metrics.  …2007/11/04CCIE2007-11-04 15:14:02
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 12 – Frame-Relay Inverse-ARP + DHCP Manual Bindings + OSPF Point-to-MultipointThis was one of my favorite scenarios thus far.  It was a kick in the …2007/11/04CCIE2007-11-04 14:42:07
Post About Lab Scoring on CCIE Pursuit BlogCheck out this post on the CCIE Pursuit blog about lab scoring.  Great information!2007/11/04CCIE2007-11-04 09:04:20
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 12 – Quick OverviewI completed NetMasterClass.com DOiT scenario 12 just a little bit ago. I’m totally wiped out. …2007/11/03CCIE2007-11-03 15:29:42
Ignorance Is My Greatest EnemyI just read through NetMasterClass.com DOiTv2 Scenario 12, which I’m planning to do on Saturday. …2007/11/01CCIE2007-11-01 05:51:25
F5 Networks Blog?Permit me a non-CCIE post. In addition to my Cisco work, I also spend a …2007/10/29CCIE2007-10-29 18:17:35
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 11 – IPv6 FR, No Inverse ARPI forgot to mention one important thing I learned in scenario 11.  When running IPv6 …2007/10/29CCIE2007-10-29 07:39:17
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 11 – OSPF TTL=1 + OSPF Tunneling in P-to-MP FR + Load-Sharing vs. Equal Cost Load-Balancing + “ip telnet quiet” + “service compress-config” + BGP Martians + Role-Based CLI Access + MVRNetMasterClass.com scenario 11 is the first of the 25 to not include the 3560 Catalyst. …2007/10/27CCIE2007-10-27 16:22:41
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 10 – IRB + OSPF Flood Reduction + BGP Maximum-Prefix + NTP Broadcast + VRRPI did this scenario in one shot today, working on it about 8 hours, plus …2007/10/20CCIE2007-10-20 17:47:32
Lab Date Scheduled: 4/29/2008 in RTP, NC (Hoping to Find An Earlier Date)I didn’t know that the 2 North American CCIE lab testing centers were booked 6 …2007/10/20CCIE2007-10-20 17:16:24
More CCIE Lab Prep Strategy ChangesMy new study schedule is still a work in progress. I’ve made a couple of …2007/10/20CCIE2007-10-20 07:42:07
Balancing CCIE Preparation with LifeIf you’re pursuing the CCIE, you realize just how much it takes. The studying is …2007/10/15CCIE2007-10-15 18:49:11
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 9 Day 1+2 – EIGRP Split-Horizon + Point-to-Point=Tunnel + GTS on GRE + TFTP-Server + TCP ECNIt’s hodge-podge day. I’m posting little paragraphs about issues I ran into with this scenario. …2007/10/13CCIE2007-10-13 09:23:01
Quick Note – 10/9/2007They say that pursuit of the CCIE can screw up your family life.  Well, that …2007/10/09CCIE2007-10-09 19:27:52
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 8 Days 3+4 – Login Block + Long Fat Networks/TCP Window Scaling + IP Protocol 41I finished up scenario 8 between Thursday and today. I had a good session today, …2007/10/06CCIE2007-10-06 17:49:37
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 8 Day 2Not one of my better days at work. Hopped from one early morning issue where …2007/10/02CCIE2007-10-02 19:33:08
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 8 Day 1I started on scenario 8 tonight. It doesn’t look TOO bad, although there’s the standard …2007/10/01CCIE2007-10-01 18:50:12
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 4-5 – Cat 3560 Mapping DSCP Values to Specific QueueOkay.  One last thing, and I’m done blogging about scenario 7.  Really, I promise.  The …2007/09/29CCIE2007-09-29 16:43:36
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 4-4 – RIPng Unequal-Cost Load-BalancingI wasn’t going to blog about this scenario anymore, but this one issue is so …2007/09/29CCIE2007-09-29 14:58:53
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 4-3 – SNMP Remote Reload + Buffers + The Mighty Power of Fair-QueueOther miscellany picked up from scenario 7… The snmp-server system-shutdown command will allow the router …2007/09/29CCIE2007-09-29 13:18:22
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 4-2 – Catalyst 3560 Link State TrackingThe Catalyst 3560 has the ability to error-disable interfaces you define, if another interface has …2007/09/29CCIE2007-09-29 12:16:54
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 4-1 – OSPF NSSA 7-to-5 Election + BGP Dual-ASI didn’t spend any time with the rack last night. I couldn’t face it. I …2007/09/29CCIE2007-09-29 11:55:08
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 3I just locked up my stupid terminal server again. Man, I hate that thing. How …2007/09/27CCIE2007-09-27 18:28:25
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 2 – Basic Routing + RedistributionI think I’ve found a huge time-saving key for me. If I generate configs in …2007/09/25CCIE2007-09-25 19:31:39
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 7 Day 1 – Catalyst 3550 CoS Marking + WRR Queue Bandwidth Sharing with Expedite QueueI started scenario 7 tonight, which is classified by NetMasterClass.com as “difficult”. Scenarios 1-6 were …2007/09/24CCIE2007-09-24 20:13:34
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 6 Day 3 – BGP, NAT, Multicast + More…This was a miserable week at work. Lots of production issues, lots of meetings to …2007/09/22CCIE2007-09-22 17:38:27
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 6 Day 2 – I Have No Sense Of DirectionSo this was an interesting day. I went to an F5 Networks seminar down in …2007/09/18CCIE2007-09-18 19:32:07
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 6 Day 1 – OSPF On Unnumbered Links + Do RIP Packets Have TTL of 2? Inquiring Minds Want To Know…I got rolling along with NMC scenario 6 tonight, managing to plow through the frame-relay, …2007/09/17CCIE2007-09-17 19:51:53
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Day 6-2There’s a ton more to be done on this scenario, and I’m just not up …2007/09/15CCIE2007-09-15 14:20:13
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Days 5 & 6-1 – BGP + More Route Redistribution + Let’s Be Thorough Out There!I have a lot more of this scenario to go, and my Saturday is wearing …2007/09/15CCIE2007-09-15 12:58:26
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Day 4 – Route Redistribution – UPDATED 09/14/2007Tonight I completed mutual route redistribution for the IGPs. That doesn’t sound like much, but …2007/09/13CCIE2007-09-13 19:33:33
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Day 3 – A Step-by-Step ProcessOne of the things I’m trying to develop with these practice labs is a step-by-step …2007/09/12CCIE2007-09-12 20:08:43
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Day 2 – General OSPF Comments + Making Things Harder Than They AreOh, man. I’m getting killed here. I’m way too tired to be doing this. My …2007/09/11CCIE2007-09-11 17:57:08
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 5 Day 1This will be a challenging lab. I think I can do nearly everything with some …2007/09/10CCIE2007-09-10 19:22:43
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 4 Day 3-2 – Various Section Review + Lots of Doc CD LinksScenario 4 is completed in 427 minutes (7 hours, 7 minutes). That time was with …2007/09/08CCIE2007-09-08 18:55:34
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 4 Day 3-1 – BGP Prepending + AS-Path Matching + ConfederationI was happy to have nailed the BGP section on this lab. Not that the …2007/09/08CCIE2007-09-08 14:21:50
My CCIE R&S Lab Equipment – UPDATED 09/08/2007The equipment I’ve sequestered for my CCIE R&S lab rack follows. Short version on the …2007/09/08CCIE2007-09-08 11:06:22
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 4 Day 2 – General Redistribution & BGP CommentsI got through Catalyst configuration, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and route redistribution tonight. I also designed …2007/09/06CCIE2007-09-06 19:34:02
The Unwelcome Intrusion of LifeIt’s sad but true that life intrudes on preparation for the CCIE.  For instance, I’m …2007/09/05CCIE2007-09-05 17:42:01
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 4 Day 1 – 802.1Q TunnelingI’m cutting out a little bit early tonight because I hung my terminal server at …2007/09/04CCIE2007-09-04 19:23:35
CCIE Lab Time ManagementI’m having a real problem with time management. I haven’t been paying too much attention …2007/09/04CCIE2007-09-04 16:59:45
For Sale – 2 128MB SoDIMMs for Cisco 3745 – $65 For BothI have 2 128MB SoDIMMs that I pulled out of 2 Cisco 3745 routers.  There …2007/09/04CCIE2007-09-04 16:22:16
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 3 Day 5 – Basic IPv6 BGPI completed NMC scenario 3 just a few minutes ago, more or less.  By “more …2007/09/03CCIE2007-09-03 09:34:17
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 3 Day 4This was not a good day, overall.  I’m feeling a little depressed right now.  The …2007/09/01CCIE2007-09-01 18:14:06
Thanks for the LinksThanks for the links, everyone.  Googling “ccie candidate” brings this site up as #1, and …2007/08/31CCIE2007-08-31 19:12:57
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 3 Day 3 – OSPF ABR Type 3 LSA FilteringNot a banner evening for me here. The work week was killer, and I’m pretty …2007/08/31CCIE2007-08-31 18:49:44
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 3 Day 2 – EIGRP Authentication + RIP DistanceToday I completed the build out of the frame-relay network, assigned all IPv4 addresses, verified …2007/08/30CCIE2007-08-30 19:52:27
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 3 Day 1All I managed to get done tonight was to put the initial configs on the …2007/08/29CCIE2007-08-29 20:04:06
Long Hours (Sort of) + InternetworkExpert.com CommentsIncluding my commute time, I’ve worked 2 13-hour days in a row. Go ahead, feel …2007/08/28CCIE2007-08-28 20:06:37
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 2 Day 4 – Multicast Static RP + IPv6 Routing Basics + RSPAN + MSTLast night was Friday night, and I was just wiped out from the week’s events. …2007/08/25CCIE2007-08-25 17:52:06
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 2 Day 3 – RARP Server + Voice VLAN + CoS to DSCP Mapping + Static MAC SecurityThe last couple of days have been a bit harrowing. Sorry I haven’t been posting …2007/08/23CCIE2007-08-23 20:08:05
CCIE Candidate Posts Now Categorized By TechnologyI went back through roughly 200 blog posts, and organized them into new categories by …2007/08/21CCIE2007-08-21 16:20:32
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 2 Day 2 – Unicast EIGRP + ODR + CDP Tunneling + BGP Conditional AdvertisementsI got about 2 and half hours in on the rack tonight. I would have …2007/08/20CCIE2007-08-20 19:45:47
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 2 Day 1 – Multipoint Frame Split-Horizon + Integrated Routing & Bridging (IRB)Almost, but not quite as far as I’d planned to get today, in part because …2007/08/18CCIE2007-08-18 18:56:38
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 7 – VMPS + Private VLANsI have completed NetMasterClass.com scenario 1…finally. It took me the 2 hours I predicted last …2007/08/18CCIE2007-08-18 11:52:50
More Lab TomorrowNot going to get to any lab done tonight. Did some school shopping for my …2007/08/17CCIE2007-08-17 19:37:20
Lost Power + No InternetA thunderstorm rolled through and took out my Internet connection (where this blog lives).  During …2007/08/16CCIE2007-08-16 19:37:01
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 6I didn’t get much lab time in tonight, due to the intrusion of, you know, …2007/08/15CCIE2007-08-15 19:37:29
A Preparation Strategy For The CCIE Routing + Switching Written 350-001 Version 3.0I’ve had a few people ask me either in person or via e-mail how best …2007/08/15CCIE2007-08-15 16:55:24
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 5Okay, my brain is blown right now. I’m tired, and I can’t think. I was …2007/08/14CCIE2007-08-14 19:24:19
IPv6 Missing From Most of My Lab RoutersI’ve run into Yet Another Problem with my lab rack, as only 2 devices in …2007/08/14CCIE2007-08-14 15:15:44
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 4 – Fallback Bridging + DHCP Authorized ARPSo I ran into a task about which I didn’t have a clue. The task …2007/08/13CCIE2007-08-13 19:42:31
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 3 – BGP Confederation + Multipoint RedistributionI think I got in maybe 4 or 5 decent lab rack hours today. I …2007/08/11CCIE2007-08-11 17:37:04
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 2I still have teething issues in the lab rack. My R6 is not responding to …2007/08/09CCIE2007-08-09 20:21:40
Cabling Issue ResolvedMy V.35 cabling issue from yesterday has been resolved.  It was not a DTE/DCE issue.  …2007/08/09CCIE2007-08-09 15:37:10
NMC DOiT Vol.2 Scenario 1 Day 1I started the first scenario of the NMC DOiT volume. With DOiT, you get 2 …2007/08/08CCIE2007-08-08 19:46:40
What Did I Think of the NetMasterClass.com TESTiT CCIE R&S Written Prep Product?A few people have e-mailed me regarding what I thought about the NetMasterClass.com (NMC) TESTiT …2007/08/07CCIE2007-08-07 15:56:22
Why Did I Choose NetMasterClass.com for CCIE R&S Lab Prep?I’ve had a few e-mail queries from folks wanting to know why I chose NetMasterClass.com …2007/08/07CCIE2007-08-07 15:38:25
Rack Cabling CompleteI managed to complete the cabling for the rack today, again to NetMasterClass.com specifications for …2007/08/03CCIE2007-08-03 20:13:00
Rack Prep ContinuesI spent a couple of hours after work last night working on my CCIE rack.  …2007/08/02CCIE2007-08-02 20:09:00
NetMasterClass – DoIT Workbook Vol.2I will be purchasing the NetMasterClass DoIT Workbook volume 2 to prep for the CCIE …2007/07/28CCIE2007-07-28 16:46:26
Networkers – Day 4Good sessions today.  Class on high performance computing that had little relevance to my life …2007/07/26CCIE2007-07-26 19:23:39
Networkers – Day 3Pretty much classes all day.  The keynote was a pointless discussion with various folks speaking in …2007/07/25CCIE2007-07-25 18:28:14
Networkers – Day 2, AfternoonThe afternoon sessions were good. I attended an IOS IP SLA class. Embedded in IOS …2007/07/25CCIE2007-07-25 11:44:36
Networkers – Day 2, MorningThis morning’s keynote was by John Chambers.  To sum up about an hour of dancing …2007/07/24CCIE2007-07-24 15:48:46
The Moment of Truth – 350-001 v3 PASSEDI passed 350-001 version 3.0 today.  If you’ve taken a Cisco test before, you know …2007/07/23CCIE2007-07-23 18:25:10
Networkers – Day 1, In AnaheimI’m at Networkers now, pretty much completely disoriented, as I’ve never done this show before. …2007/07/23CCIE2007-07-23 10:27:47
July 2007 Time Log07/18/2007 – 1.0 hour. More test questions and review from my new test database. I …2007/07/19CCIE2007-07-19 12:20:03
OECG – Wrap UpI am officially done posting blog articles about the Official Exam Certification Guide, 2nd Edition, …2007/07/10CCIE2007-07-10 17:50:15
OECG – Appendix CThis close to the MPLS appendix covers deploying VPN services over a service provider MPLS …2007/07/10CCIE2007-07-10 17:36:29
Explain A TreeImagine that someone asks you to explain a common, everyday item. Let’s say, a tree. …2007/07/10CCIE2007-07-10 16:56:36
OECG – Appendix CMoving along in our study of MPLS, this post will close out frame-mode (i.e. unicast …2007/07/09CCIE2007-07-09 17:07:04
OECG – Appendix CHere, we shall discuss not the forwarding of MPLS labeled packets themselves, but rather how …2007/07/07CCIE2007-07-07 17:52:20
OECG – Appendix CWhile the earlier portion of the appendix discussed the concepts and drivers behind MPLS, the …2007/07/07CCIE2007-07-07 16:13:20
OECG – Appendix CWe soldier on with MPLS architecture basics, covering now packet forwarding and label switched paths …2007/07/04CCIE2007-07-04 12:47:26
OECG – Appendix CYou might want to peruse some of this before going any further. If you’re totally …2007/07/04CCIE2007-07-04 12:09:48
OECG – Appendix CAppendix C was added to the OECG in anticipation of Cisco requiring MPLS knowledge on …2007/07/04CCIE2007-07-04 09:22:42
Back From Vacation – MPLS To GoI’m back from a week of vacation, and I survived my first 2 days back …2007/07/04CCIE2007-07-04 08:38:13
June 2007 Time Log06/02/2007 – 2.5 hours. Take another written sample test from NetMasterClass. Scored 86%. 06/04/2007 – …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 13:36:46
OECG – Chapter 24adjacent layer interaction – on one computer, this is one layer providng information to the …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 13:34:08
OECG – Chapter 24This last post for the day is a list of keystrokes you can use at …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 13:21:39
OECG – Chapter 24Router Boot Process Router performs a power-on self test (POST). Router loads and runs bootstrap …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 13:07:48
OECG – Chapter 24Okay – last “official” chapter of the OECG, although I still have to do the …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 12:33:22
OECG – Chapter 23Cisco SWAN – Structured Wireless-Aware Network – integrating wired and wireless LANs using Cisco products. …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 11:45:27
OECG – Chapter 23This last section of the chapter describes 3 common wireless deployment scenarios, and highlights important …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 11:33:25
OECG – Chapter 23The CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine is a network management platform for Cisco Aironet products. …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 10:21:18
OECG – Chapter 23This is essentially the product list from the book.  No doubt it’s a little stale.  …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 06:04:18
OECG – Chapter 23It’s early on a Saturday morning, and I’m at work supporting system maintenance going on …2007/06/16CCIE2007-06-16 05:39:56
OECG – Chapter 22802.11a – wireless LAN specification.  Up to 54Mbps using OFDM in the 5GHz band. 802.11b …2007/06/15CCIE2007-06-15 15:46:26
OECG – Chapter 22The budding CCIE needs to understand the magic of radio waves to properly deploy wireless …2007/06/14CCIE2007-06-14 18:33:41
OECG – Chapter 22Since your data is naked in the air for anyone with an antenna to see, …2007/06/14CCIE2007-06-14 17:49:40
OECG – Chapter 22The book outlines here a number of common elements that need to be set on …2007/06/14CCIE2007-06-14 17:34:20
OECG – Chapter 22Infrastructure Mode Operation – the most common mode in use today. Infrastructure mode has these …2007/06/11CCIE2007-06-11 19:32:53
OECG – Chapter 22Radio Cards – the MAC functionality is found here, as well as the signalling for …2007/06/11CCIE2007-06-11 18:14:26
OECG – Chapter 22Infrastructure Mode Configuration Most commonly deployed. You hang an AP off of a wired switch. …2007/06/11CCIE2007-06-11 17:57:10
OECG – Chapter 22This chapter covers basics of wireless networking.  Standards, terminology, security and signaling are all discussed.  …2007/06/11CCIE2007-06-11 17:30:52
OECG – Chapter 21AAA – authentication, authorization and accounting – who are you, what are you allowed to …2007/06/06CCIE2007-06-06 18:36:38
Lab Equipment #2I got all my cables today, I believe. I needed 6 DTE/DCE cables for the …2007/06/06CCIE2007-06-06 17:08:29
OECG – Chapter 21Last section on this chapter that’s taken me way longer to plow through than I’d …2007/06/05CCIE2007-06-05 19:10:11
Lab EquipmentFor my lab equipment, I have the following set aside, based on the NetMasterClass DOiT …2007/06/05CCIE2007-06-05 17:10:43
Officially Registered for CCIE R&S 350-001: July 23 @ 2pm PSTI am officially registered to take 350-001 at Networkers in Anaheim.  July 23 @ 2pm …2007/06/05CCIE2007-06-05 17:06:44
OECG – Chapter 21This section of the chapter covers layer 2 security. You know, that wild, wild west …2007/06/05CCIE2007-06-05 17:00:45
OECG – Chapter 21 “Security” – Passwords + AAAThis chapter is not all that long. It’s broken up into major sections of “Router …2007/06/04CCIE2007-06-04 17:04:13
May 2007 Time Log05/02/2007 – 1.5 hours. Complete Ch. 16 write-up and definitions. 05/05/2007 – 3.0 hours. Complete …2007/05/30CCIE2007-05-30 12:44:33
OECG – Chapter 20administrative scoping – limits what routers will receive multicast traffic on the 239.xx.xx.xx range be …2007/05/23CCIE2007-05-23 11:46:52
OECG – Chapter 20In the previous post, it was mentioned that you can statically assign the RP, so …2007/05/23CCIE2007-05-23 11:13:48
OECG – Chapter 20The last post on Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode would have been way too long …2007/05/23CCIE2007-05-23 08:58:03
OECG – Chapter 20The book mentions 2 sparse-mode multicast routing protocols: Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) and …2007/05/23CCIE2007-05-23 08:30:03
OECG – Chapter 20The book spends all of a single page discussing the 2 multicast routing protocols DVMRP …2007/05/22CCIE2007-05-22 16:37:37
OECG – Chapter 20In local area networks (i.e. multiaccess networks versus point-to-point links), there are three areas the …2007/05/22CCIE2007-05-22 16:27:56
OECG – Chapter 20The book spends the most time on Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode (PIM-DM), with barely …2007/05/22CCIE2007-05-22 10:58:36
OECG – Chapter 20Multicast routing is fundamentally different from unicast routing in that multicast destinations are not stored …2007/05/22CCIE2007-05-22 07:57:22
OECG – Chapter 19administratively scoped addresses – through; used for private network multicasting CGMP – Cisco …2007/05/14CCIE2007-05-14 16:57:54
OECG – Chapter 19Router-Port Group Management Protocol (RGMP) restricts the multicast destinations that a switch will forward to …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 15:55:07
OECG – Chapter 19IGMP snooping is appropriate when you are not an end-to-end Cisco shop. Remember that CGMP …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 15:41:08
OECG – Chapter 19Now we move away from the host-to-router interaction, and review the role that switches play …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 15:25:44
OECG – Chapter 19The book points out that IGMPv3 is a major protocol change, and implementing it is …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 14:57:13
OECG – Chapter 19IGMPv2 Host with IGMPv1 Routers An IGMPv2 host normally sends a report with a message …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 14:30:49
OECG – Chapter 19IGMPv2 is an evolution of IGMPv1, providing backwards compatibility with IGMPv1 and new features to …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 13:31:30
OECG – Chapter 19IGMP’s forerunner was the Host Membership Protocol. This has since evolved into IGMPv1 – RFC …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 12:31:27
OECG – Chapter 19Remember that a multicast SOURCE address will be the unicast address of the sender. A …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 11:00:31
OECG – Chapter 19Multicasting is “one to many” – sending a single data stream from a source to …2007/05/12CCIE2007-05-12 10:24:19
OECG – Chapter 18access link – the link between the router and the frame-relay switch access rate – …2007/05/07CCIE2007-05-07 18:43:50
OECG – Chapter 18This second half of the chapter discusses frame relay configuration, mostly basics, and much of …2007/05/07CCIE2007-05-07 18:23:50
OECG – Chapter 18I think I can do this entire chapter in one blog post. There is a …2007/05/07CCIE2007-05-07 17:53:02
OECG – Chapter 17AIS – Alarm Indication Signal – sending a bunch of 1s down a T1 as …2007/05/05CCIE2007-05-05 18:15:46
OECG – Chapter 17For point-to-point links, you’ll commonly find High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). …2007/05/05CCIE2007-05-05 17:41:19
OECG – Chapter 17This chapter covers some of the admittedly tedious basics of T1/E1 technology, plus PPP. It’s …2007/05/05CCIE2007-05-05 16:44:33
OECG – Chapter 16adaptive shaping – a reduction in the shaping rate on frame because the frame switch …2007/05/02CCIE2007-05-02 16:42:07
OECG – Chapter 16Class-based policing observes the bit rate of packets that match a specific class. When the …2007/05/02CCIE2007-05-02 16:20:23
OECG – Chapter 16Moving onto frame-relay traffic shaping (FRTS), we have a whole new set of tools that …2007/04/30CCIE2007-04-30 18:06:55
OECG – Chapter 16When configuring a Cisco router to perform traffic-shaping, you have flexibility. You can classify packets …2007/04/30CCIE2007-04-30 17:30:12
OECG – Chapter 16Traffic-shaping is the idea of delaying a flow of traffic such that it does not …2007/04/30CCIE2007-04-30 16:24:27
OECG – Chapter 15actual queue depth – the number of packets in the queue in a given moment …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 16:55:52
OECG – Chapter 15This section of the chapter discusses layer 2 queuing and drop methods on the 3550 …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 16:24:58
OECG – Chapter 15Weighted Random Early Detection is a Cisco-created algorithm used to monitor queue lengths, and preemptively …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 15:53:50
OECG – Chapter 15Low latency queuing is the tool to use when you are providing QoS for delay …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 15:12:30
OECG – Chapter 15Class-based WFQ and low-latency queuing (which I’ll blog about in the next post) are best …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 14:01:51
OECG – Chapter 15Weighted fair queuing, or WFQ, is a different beast from PQ or CQ. You can’t …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 11:07:36
OECG – Chapter 15Custom queuing, or CQ, responds to the shortcomings of PQ by guaranteeing that every queue …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 09:44:05
OECG – Chapter 15Priority queuing is interesting in how it schedules packets, but isn’t very practical for real-world …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 09:28:50
OECG – Chapter 15Why do routers queue? Because an interface can only send one packet at a time. …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 09:16:46
OECG – Chapter 15OECG chapter 15 is a breakdown of the major queuing methods employed in Cisco routers …2007/04/26CCIE2007-04-26 09:04:54
OECG – Chapter 14Assured forwarding – a DiffServ PHB defining 4 queueing classes and 3 probabilities that a …2007/04/21CCIE2007-04-21 10:58:12
April 2007 Time Log04/02/2007 – 1.5 hours. Ch. 13 study. 04/05/2007 – 1.5 hours. Ch. 13 study. 04/06/2007 …2007/04/19CCIE2007-04-19 19:24:50
OECG – Chapter 14Although there’s some overlap from the previous blog post that covered MQC, this remaining portion …2007/04/19CCIE2007-04-19 19:22:37
Where To Download Cisco PDLMs for NBARI did a lot of digging on cisco.com to finally discover this link for downloading …2007/04/19CCIE2007-04-19 18:54:59
OECG – Chapter 14Cisco created their “Modular QoS CLI” or MQC in an attempt to bring order to …2007/04/19CCIE2007-04-19 18:08:49
OECG – Chapter 14And so we begin the discussion of QoS. This chapter focuses on how we can …2007/04/19CCIE2007-04-19 17:07:01
OECG – Chapter 13administrative weight – Cisco proprietary. Assigned to an NLRI to influence that router’s choice of …2007/04/14CCIE2007-04-14 10:31:34
OECG – Chapter 13And I last I stumble and crawl through this last section in the 125+ pages …2007/04/12CCIE2007-04-12 17:05:29
OECG – Chapter 13This next section goes into detail describing how you can influence each of the decision …2007/04/09CCIE2007-04-09 19:14:55
OECG – Chapter 13The next section covers various BGP path attributes (PAs), including their types and the more …2007/04/06CCIE2007-04-06 17:10:14
OECG – Chapter 13This next chapter gets into the details of the BGP “best” decision process, and how …2007/04/05CCIE2007-04-05 16:42:50
March 2007 – Time Log03/05/2007 – 1.25 hours. Chapter 9 EIGRP write-up starts. 03/10/2007 – 2.5 hours. Chapter 9 …2007/03/31CCIE2007-03-31 13:40:37
OECG – Chapter 12path attribute – a BGP update field that any number of things about the included …2007/03/31CCIE2007-03-31 13:38:48
OECG – Chapter 12Last but not least in this journey of BGP discovery, the BGP process has to …2007/03/31CCIE2007-03-31 12:50:30
OECG – Chapter 12Whereas the previous section of the book focuses on building the local BGP table, the …2007/03/30CCIE2007-03-30 17:26:34
OECG – Chapter 12We need to talk about how BGP builds its table with routing information. BGP is …2007/03/27CCIE2007-03-27 18:37:51
OECG – Chapter 12Presumably, the basic operation of BGP isn’t news to you. If you’re brand new to …2007/03/26CCIE2007-03-26 18:18:47
OECG – Chapter 11The final entry of the week for chapter 11…the “definitions” at the end. default route …2007/03/24CCIE2007-03-24 09:30:00
OECG – Chapter 11Ah, our old friend the default route – the catch-all, the safety net. He’s the …2007/03/24CCIE2007-03-24 09:17:19
OECG – Chapter 11Moving on in this chapter of miscellaneous nifty things you can do with routing protocols, …2007/03/24CCIE2007-03-24 08:32:35
OECG – Chapter 11When you get into mutually redistributing routes (routes from protocol A into protocol B and …2007/03/22CCIE2007-03-22 16:35:34
OECG – Chapter 11There are times that you don’t want to redistribute all routes from one protocol into …2007/03/22CCIE2007-03-22 15:53:50
OECG – Chapter 11Route redistribution is the black art of taking routes learned from one routing protocol, and …2007/03/21CCIE2007-03-21 17:40:17
OECG – Chapter 11In the context of the OECG, the book has spoken mostly about a single routing …2007/03/21CCIE2007-03-21 16:26:21
OECG – Chapter 11Prefix lists are, for me, the big-boy way to make lists of routes. While they …2007/03/21CCIE2007-03-21 16:14:56
OECG – Chapter 11This chapter of the OECG covers IGP route redistribution, route summarization and default routing. That’s …2007/03/19CCIE2007-03-19 18:02:43
OECG – Chapter 10Last post for this chapter. It should be noted that there’s a lot of detail …2007/03/17CCIE2007-03-17 12:39:26
OECG – Chapter 10On to the last portion of the chapter, covering specifics of OSPF configuration. I’m going …2007/03/17CCIE2007-03-17 11:58:47
OECG – Chapter 10Let’s discuss some OSPF design fundamentals, some of which I mentioned in an earlier post, …2007/03/17CCIE2007-03-17 11:12:26
NetMasterClassI spent the last 2 hours reading and reviewing sample material from www.netmasterclass.com.  Something about …2007/03/17CCIE2007-03-17 10:06:13
OECG – Chapter 10The last several posts have reviewed how routers exchange LSA’s, but we haven’t discussed what …2007/03/16CCIE2007-03-16 17:49:49
OECG – Chapter 10Building on the concepts in the last entry about DR’s and BDR’s, how then do …2007/03/16CCIE2007-03-16 17:30:07
OECG – Chapter 10<rant>I have to admit that tonight I’m crabby and irritable. My new PC didn’t get …2007/03/16CCIE2007-03-16 17:10:13
OECG – Chapter 10We’ve got 2 routers running OSPF. How to they go about getting to know each …2007/03/15CCIE2007-03-15 17:33:15
OECG – Chapter 10Now before I get into this, I have to comment about a few things. This …2007/03/15CCIE2007-03-15 16:14:42
OSPF ReadingI finished reading the OSPF chapter tonight, and I’ll start on the write-up tomorrow. Man, …2007/03/13CCIE2007-03-13 18:27:58
OECG – Chapter 9 Definitionshello interval – the amount of time between EIGRP hellos.  5 second default for local …2007/03/10CCIE2007-03-10 11:19:38
OECG – Chapter 9There are a number of commands used to configure EIGRP. Many of these were discussed …2007/03/10CCIE2007-03-10 10:47:23
OECG – Chapter 9EIGRP uses 3 tables: The neighbor table shows you what’s going on with other routers …2007/03/10CCIE2007-03-10 10:06:38
February 2007 – Time Log02/12/2007 – 1.0 hours. Chapter 7 write-up start. 02/13/2007 – 1.5 hours. Chapter 7 write-up …2007/03/05CCIE2007-03-05 17:56:37
OECG – Chapter 9Cribbed from Wikipedia:2007/03/05CCIE2007-03-05 17:54:46
OECG – Chapter 9Okay. We’ve made it to chapter 9. EIGRP, or enhanced interior gateway routing protocol. EIGRP …2007/03/05CCIE2007-03-05 17:49:40
Been SickMy posting has been lousy over the last couple of weeks, I know.  I’ve been …2007/03/05CCIE2007-03-05 08:48:43
OECG – Chapter 8 DefinitionsHolddown timer – when a new metric is received for a route already in the …2007/02/26CCIE2007-02-26 18:37:13
OECG – Chapter 8The rest of this chapter hits the highlights of configuring RIP. It isn’t brain surgery, …2007/02/26CCIE2007-02-26 17:46:04
OECG – Chapter 8When choosing a routing protocol for a network, understanding how routes converge and what routers …2007/02/20CCIE2007-02-20 19:49:48
OECG – Chapter 8A few days of dealing with life, and back at the CCIE study. I built …2007/02/20CCIE2007-02-20 19:29:55
OECG – Chapter 7 DefinitionsLast push for tonight, then I’m off to sleepy-land. Tomorrow, we’re getting a Nor’easter here …2007/02/13CCIE2007-02-13 20:02:35
OECG – Chapter 7Policy routing is what you do when you need to be absolutely sure that your …2007/02/13CCIE2007-02-13 19:48:08
OECG – Chapter 7Just before we get to multilayer switching a couple of comments on router behavior when …2007/02/13CCIE2007-02-13 19:34:22
OECG – Chapter 7 “IP Forwarding” ARP + Inverse ARP + Frame Relay Inverse ARPThis section of the chapter discusses how the router will build adjacency information, and also …2007/02/13CCIE2007-02-13 19:14:56
OECG – Chapter 7 “IP Forwarding” – Fast Switching and CEFLooking up the appropriate route in the routing table and figuring out where the packet …2007/02/12CCIE2007-02-12 19:21:56
OECG – Chapter 7 “IP Forwarding” – IP ForwardingThis chapter covers the basics of IP forwarding – what a router does when it …2007/02/12CCIE2007-02-12 19:00:41
I’m Back!It’s been a miserable couple of weeks.  I was miserably sick last week, and before …2007/02/12CCIE2007-02-12 18:43:57
OECG – Chapters 1-6 Test Question TidbitsThese are facts I did not know (or was unsure of) that I picked up …2007/01/23CCIE2007-01-23 17:34:39
Next – OECG Chapters 1 – 6 Test ReviewThe OECG book came with a CD-ROM that’s got a Boson test engine on it.  …2007/01/22CCIE2007-01-22 20:42:46
OECG – Chapter 6 Definitionspassive mode FTP – an FTP mode where the server dynamically allocates a port and …2007/01/22CCIE2007-01-22 20:40:02
OECG – Chapter 6 “TCP/IP Transport and Application Services” – FTP, SSL + SNMPOn to some of the common applications that ride on TCP and UDP. The author …2007/01/22CCIE2007-01-22 20:12:32
OECG – Chapter 6 “TCP/IP Transport and Application Services” – TCP + UDPJust before we get into routing in chapter 7, we’re going to review a few …2007/01/22CCIE2007-01-22 19:01:59
Interesting Lab Strategy Based on Internetworkexpert.com MaterialWhile I’m focusing on theory right now so that I can get through the written …2007/01/21CCIE2007-01-21 08:36:44
OECG – Chapter 5 DefinitionsHSRP – hot standby routing protocol. Cisco proprietary. Features a virtual IP and MAC 0000.0C07.ACxx …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 15:54:16
OECG – Chapter 5We’re getting ready to wrap up OECG chapter 5 with a discussion of NTP, or …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 15:39:25
Study HabitsI am not a machine.  I can’t devote my brain to one stream of consciousness …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 15:03:03
OECG – Chapter 5Moving on from ICMP & getting an address, we now move on to how to …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 14:46:14
OECG – Chapter 5After ICMP, we get into some of the protocols used so that hosts can find …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 13:43:52
OECG – Chapter 5 “IP Services” – ICMPI’m going to start breaking these up a bit more, as generally the chapters are …2007/01/20CCIE2007-01-20 12:42:24
OECG – Chapter 4 Definitionssubnet – some portion of a larger network. Subnets can be classful or classless. prefix …2007/01/19CCIE2007-01-19 19:48:48
Mailing Lists and ForumsI’ve spent a few hours on the Cisco NetPro forums, and on the GroupStudy Cisco …2007/01/18CCIE2007-01-18 20:26:05
OECG – Chapter 4 “IP Addressing” Part 2 of 2And now on to IPv6, which was a pretty brief part of the chapter really, …2007/01/18CCIE2007-01-18 20:10:46
OECG – Chapter 4 “IP Addressing” Part 1 of 2This first part of this chapter gets into the binary nuts and bolts of IP …2007/01/18CCIE2007-01-18 19:14:18
IPv6 LinkAt the end of Ch.4 in OECG, the author points to an IPv6-related link requiring …2007/01/15CCIE2007-01-15 17:52:47
Beat, AgainI got through the first part of chapter 4 tonight. I killed pretty much the …2007/01/13CCIE2007-01-13 18:52:04
Google Found the BlogIt looks like Google began indexing this site.  I’m getting some low ranked hits for …2007/01/13CCIE2007-01-13 18:43:28
My Daily ScheduleMy weekday schedule is roughly as follows: 4:40am – Get up. 5:10am – On the …2007/01/13CCIE2007-01-13 11:39:50
OECG – Chapter 3 DefinitionsCST – common spanning tree. A single STP instance applied to multiple VLANs STP – …2007/01/11CCIE2007-01-11 18:16:47
OECG – Chapter 3 “Spanning Tree” Part 2 of 2I’m done fiddling with other stuff ABOUT the CCIE. Now it’s back to the actual …2007/01/11CCIE2007-01-11 17:35:35
January 2007 – Time Log01/01/2007 – 1.5 hours. Read OECG, chapter 1. 01/02/2007 – 1.0 hours. Read OECG, chapter …2007/01/10CCIE2007-01-10 17:31:30
Tracking my TimeThis category is a summary of the time I have put into CCIE R&S track …2007/01/10CCIE2007-01-10 17:25:03
OECG – Chapter 3 “Spanning Tree Protocol” Part 1 of 2This probably ends up being a 2-parter. It’s 6pm already, my dinner is coming soon, …2007/01/09CCIE2007-01-09 19:37:34
Tomorrow – Spanning Tree!The next chapter I have to do the write-up on is Spanning Tree.  Ugh. I …2007/01/08CCIE2007-01-08 20:22:50
OECG – Chapter 2 DefinitionsVLAN – a virtual LAN. Ports defined to be a common broadcast domain. Can span …2007/01/08CCIE2007-01-08 20:09:40
OECG – Chapter 2 “Virtual LANs and VLAN Trunking”Good review of all the basics here: VLAN’s, starring DTP, 802.1q, ISL, tags, private VLAN’s, …2007/01/08CCIE2007-01-08 19:50:44
Lab EquipmentI’m planning on building a lab with 2 6513’s, 2 3550’s, 4 3750’s, at least …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 16:24:48
Beat for Right NowI also read chapters 2 and 3 in the OECG book this week (VLAN’s and …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 16:11:33
OECG – Chapter 1 DefinitionsThe end of each chapter encourages you to do certain things to help you retain …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 16:09:06
OECG – Chapter 1 “Ethernet Basics”I read this chapter through in a sitting and didn’t spot much I wasn’t already …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 15:34:36
Official Exam Certification Guide (OECG)I am working through the Cisco Press CCIE Routing and Switching Official Exam Certification Guide, …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 13:50:48
Roll That BlogIn the future, I’m going to try to blog studies daily, while the information is …2007/01/06CCIE2007-01-06 13:41:02
The Quest BeginsWhile I wouldn’t call it a New Year’s resolution, I’ve made the mental commitment you …2007/01/01CCIE2007-01-01 12:01:38

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