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Connecting Python To Slack For Testing, Development, and Chat

The scripting language Python can retrieve information from or publish information to the messaging app Slack. This means you can write a program that puts info into Slack for you, or accepts your queries using Slack as the interface. Useful stuff if you spend a lot of time in Slack, as I do. And hey, chatbots!

I Didn’t Even Know I Was Sick

This piece was originally published in the Packet Pushers’ Human Infrastructure Magazine, a publication about the human side of working in technology. HIM is sent every other week or so to Packet Pushers Ignition members. Sign up for free. I recently tweeted… I’ve become okay with only having so much time in my schedule. Would adding this { new | random | unexpected } thing to the mix...

Don’t Reply To Everything

I like to meet other's expectations, and have them think cuddly, happy thoughts about what a swell person I am. I know that when I send an email, I hope to get a response. Therefore, when I receive an e-mail, my natural inclination is to respond.

StayFocusd Extension For Chrome

Stayfocusd is a useful Chrome extension for filtering time-wasting websites. It's a progressive step towards deleting social media accounts entirely.

Space To Think My Own Thoughts

How I can create deep content if my mind is usually in a broken mirror state, challenged by outside thoughts and ideas all of the time?

The Pros & Cons Of Task Managers

Task managers are tools that allow you to maintain organized lists of the things you need to do. Over the last couple of months, I have shifted my workflow to revolve around a task manager. That means that what I do each day is driven by the tasks that are on my list. If the task is on my list, I perform that task until it’s completed or at least moved as far as I can move it. If something...


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