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Mt. Tecumseh Is Summit One of the Winter 48


There are two recognized New Hampshire 48 4,000 footer lists: climbing them all period, and climbing them all during winter.  The reading I’ve done suggests that Mt. Tecumseh is the easiest of the NH 4,000 footers to bag in winter.  Well, it’s done, my wife with me, in a pretty good snowstorm.  One down, forty-seven to go for the winter list.

Mt. Morgan Hike – Microspikes in the Snow


I did this hike as an exploration of what this whole winter hiking thing was about.  Cold weather is one thing.  A snow covered trail is another.  I must say I love winter hiking completely.  With the proper clothes to keep you warm and dry, plus decent traction to keep you moving, the experience is a pure one. I started for real winter hiking by ascending little Mt. Morgan, since it’s very...

Snow Guns & Cigarettes: Mt. Tecumseh + Sosman Trails


Tripoli Road is closed.  <Insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here.>  Most of you don’t care…but Tripoli Road being closed represents inaccessibility to any number of trails around the White Mountains.  There’s lots of little roads in the White Mountain National Forest that give access to trailheads, but in winter, they get closed down.  No plows are harmed in the...

Birch Bark Breezes and Busted Knees: Mt. Carrigain via Signal Ridge Trail


Veterans Day afforded me a day off, not only to contemplate our vets (thanks to you ALL), but also to hike.  My last hike, Sandwich Dome, was inspired by seeing the peak from Mt. Israel.  This hike was the same.  I saw Mt. Carrigain from the summit of Sandwich Dome, and then started reading up on it.  After finding out you can see 43 of the 48 4,000 footers from the observation deck at the summit...

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