Burst: Software Defined Data Center Symposium – April 22 – Save $25

The good folks at TechFieldDay.com are putting on a Software Defined Data Center Symposium in Santa Clara, CA on April 22, 2014. I won’t make the event this year as I can only be on a plane so often. But I was at last year’s SDDC Synposium, and it was an informative day hearing from […]

TechFieldDay.com Queues Up #NFD6 – Let’s Open Some Presents

I’ll be a delegate at Networking Field Day 6 in San Jose, to be held September 11 – 13, 2013. For those unfamiliar with Tech Field Day, the idea is to take a bunch of peer-reviewed networking geeks who are socially engaged (bloggers, podcasters, etc.), and send them to Silicon Valley to hear technical presentations. […]