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Breach Presumption: The East-West Data Center Security Problem


A recurring trend in security briefings I've taken over the last year is that breaches are assumed. If you don't assume your infrastructure has been breached, you're ignorant, and probably willfully so. Ostrich, meet sand. A weird response my brain had to this is to ponder that if we've lost the war, why are we still fighting?

The Present Impact of Open Networking & Whitebox Switching


Dell is all about open networking, and several whitebox vendors had their wares on display at Interop. IP Infusion has released OcNOS, an open networking operating system with a rich feature set right out of the gate. Ethernet switching continues to change. If you are Yet Another Cisco Buyer, do you care? I think you should. There are real dollars at stake. Eventually, it gets silly and/or...

Burst: Software Defined Data Center Symposium – April 22 – Save $25


The good folks at TechFieldDay.com are putting on a Software Defined Data Center Symposium in Santa Clara, CA on April 22, 2014. I won’t make the event this year as I can only be on a plane so often. But I was at last year’s SDDC Synposium, and it was an informative day hearing from several industry leaders. Worth the time. This will feature many key figures from the industry and end...

TechFieldDay.com Queues Up #NFD6 – Let’s Open Some Presents


I’ll be a delegate at Networking Field Day 6 in San Jose, to be held September 11 – 13, 2013. For those unfamiliar with Tech Field Day, the idea is to take a bunch of peer-reviewed networking geeks who are socially engaged (bloggers, podcasters, etc.), and send them to Silicon Valley to hear technical presentations. Delegates are not paid, but their travel and expenses are covered...

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