They Are My Own: A brief look back at bagging New Hampshire’s 48 4,000 footers.

For the last 3 years, I’ve been hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains when I could get time away. Specifically, I’ve been going after the list of 48 4,000 footers. I’m guessing that was 400+ miles of walking in the mountains. At long last, I completed the list, and have applied to be a member […]

Live Tech Or Die Tweetup for New Hampshire Techies – 18-July-2013

The Live Tech Or Die Tweetup is a chance for New Hampshire folks from all walks of IT to sit, chat, relax, and trade tall tales of upgrades gone wrong. Networking will be well-represented among the folks I already know are coming, but it would be great if folks specializing in virtualization, storage, security, etc. […]

Tips for Planning a Hike Up Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

At 6,288 feet, Mt. Washington is not especially tall by global standards, and in summertime, the peak is scalable by anyone with enough patience and planning. Still, Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the northeastern United States, has nearly the highest recorded windspeed in the world at 231 mph, and casually claims to have […]

A Little Morning Solitude On Mt. Morgan

I had time for a quick hike this morning, so I did a few miles on Mt. Morgan, which overlooks New Hampshire’s Squam Lake. The solitude was nice. I was the only one in the parking lot, and the only tracks seen on the snow-dusted trail were from the critters that live in the woods. […]

New Blog Devoted to Peakbagging the New Hampshire 48 4,000 Footers

I’ve started a new blog devoted to peakbagging (climbing to the summit of) the 48 4,000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire.  I want to hike them all at least twice – once in whatever season, plus once in winter. For me, there’s something about blogging that helps me stay focused on a goal. I’ll […]

Gaiters vs. Crampons in an Epic Battle: Osceola + East Osceola via Greeley Ponds Trail 02/15/2010

Today, I hiked the 7.6 mile round trip up East Osceola and Osceola peaks via Greeley Ponds and Osceola trails from the trailhead off the Kancamagus Highway.  The first 1.3 miles is a gentle grade up Greeley Ponds trail.  All the stream crossings were simple – no trouble when the water is frozen.  At 1.3 […]