Some Days Are Just Perfect: Winter Hiking Mt. Chocorua via Champney Falls & Piper Trails 01/23/2010

I hiked the very popular Mt. Chocorua on Saturday under clear skies and temps in the 20′s.  Champney Falls and Piper trails were very well packed out from top to bottom.  The last bit to the summit is bare rock, over which I wore crampons to get comfortably to the top.  Many others were wearing […]

Snow Guns & Cigarettes: Mt. Tecumseh + Sosman Trails

Tripoli Road is closed.  <Insert wailing and gnashing of teeth here.>  Most of you don’t care…but Tripoli Road being closed represents inaccessibility to any number of trails around the White Mountains.  There’s lots of little roads in the White Mountain National Forest that give access to trailheads, but in winter, they get closed down.  No […]