Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.



I co-host several technology podcasts. The shows are high audio quality, published several times per month, and listened to by thousands each week.

Packet Pushers Weekly Show
Networking technology show for engineers. Startups, products, the future of networking, design and build. Professional career development. Keep up with everything new while maintaining a firm grasp on everything old.

Packet Pushers Priority Queue
Networking deep dives and niche technologies. For engineers who can’t get enough of the Weekly Show. One week we’ll have a chat with IETF leaders. The next, an interview with academic researchers. After that, a technology implementation discussion.

Infrastructure engineering show covering cloud, operations, products, emerging trends, and open source projects. PowerShell scripting, Kubernetes, serverless, virtualization, storage, etc.

Citizens of Tech
Science, astronomy, alt-energy, gaming, apps, gadgets, ancient tech, discoveries, interviews with academics – if we find it interesting, we figure you will, too.

Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.

You probably know Ethan Banks because he writes & podcasts about IT. This site is his, but covers other stuff.

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