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News Analysis: Big Cloud Fabric 2.5 Released


Big Switch Networks has released version 2.5 of their Big Cloud Fabric SDN offering. Read the full press release here. What’s Big Cloud Fabric? BCF is an SDN-based IP fabric where you manage all of the individual switches as one “big switch.” In other words, you manage the fabric as a whole, and not individual switches. Big Switch’s BigTap, a network visibility fabric that...

News Analysis: Brocade Vyatta Controller Gets a Developer Wiki


A little bird pointed out this link to me, a wiki for the developer community for the Brocade Vyatta Controller (BVC). The big idea is to help foster community for folks building SDN applications for the BVC. What do I mean by “SDN applications”? I mean an application that does something interesting, and interacts with an SDN controller to program the network. In other words, software...

News Analysis: Cumulus Linux 2.5 Released + Validated Design Guides


One of my favorite companies to talk to and keep track of is Cumulus Networks, makers of Cumulus Linux, a network operating system that runs on whitebox switches. As I’m not in a build phase on the network I do most of my work on, I haven’t had a chance to try Cumulus Linux out, but they are someone I’m quite interested in. Why? 1. Choice. I like that Cumulus Linux + whitebox...

News Analysis: Anuta NCX 4.0 Feature Updates for OpenStack, NFV, YANG


Anuta Networks’ NCX platform is for multi-vendor orchestration at scale. NCX fits in the SDN space, allowing operators to create service catalogs that can be deployed across a wide variety of gear from various networking vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, and Ericsson. I co-hosted a webinar with a live demo of an earlier version of their product here. This week, Anuta...

Friday News Analysis: “Size Matters” Tech Podcast for SMB’s Launching


I noticed a tweet about a new tech podcast that will be starting soon focused on the SMB space. I used to consult for SMBs, and I know the needs to be unique. SMBs often have many of the same technical needs of large organizations, but lack the scale requirements. Technology purchases are expensive, and business owners struggle to square the benefit with the capex. Therefore, SMBs often live in...

Book Review: Juniper QFX5100 Series by Doug Hanks (O’Reilly)


I was sent a complementary copy of Juniper QFX5100 Series: A Comprehensive Guide to Building Next-Generation Networks by Doug Hanks. Doug works for Juniper. I’ve met Doug a few times, and he’s been a guest on the Packet Pushers podcast. The book is not simply a guide to the QFX5100 Ethernet switch, although it certainly is that, including a complete architecture breakdown and...

Is Juniper About To Kill Their Entire Security Line? It Seems Not.


This is a quick follow up to a post I made a bit ago about rumored changes to Juniper’s security portfolio. I left that article with one big question in my mind.  Is Juniper on the verge of shuttering their entire security portfolio, including the SRX firewall platform and Firefly Perimeter (vSRX)? The answer to that is “no” from everyone I spoke to that’s in a position to...

Friday News Analysis: Cisco Sues Arista For Patent + Copyright Infringement


Cisco is suing Arista in a pair of actions that will be interesting to follow as they wind their way through the courts. See post entitled “Protecting Innovation” here. In the thirteen years I’ve been General Counsel of Cisco, I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve initiated suit against a competitor, supplier or customer. It’s therefore only after thoughtful and serious...

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