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CCIE Recertification + Certification News 2015

The last time I re-certified, it took me three times to pass the CCIE R&S written exam. While that exam is a challenge that many people fail to pass the first time out, I felt like I was getting rusty on some fundamentals. Three times was not the end of the world, but the effort felt forced. I wanted a refresher.

My Historical CCIE Study Posts Imported

You might know that I ran a popular CCIE study blog in 2007-2008. The current owner of that blog encouraged me to import the content I’d written for that site to my blog here. I’ve done that. If you have any interest in that old content, you can browse through the archives via this link, which starts in reverse chronological order. If you wanted to go from oldest to newest (which I doubt as it’s over 400 posts,

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CCIE Agent™ Eman Launches New Website (by Eman Conde)

If I am a member of your network or you of mine (how does that work anyway?), you may know I have been working diligently to reach as many hiring companies and CCIEs as possible. In my quest for perfection I am a student of the internet. But while I was still enrolling in the, “School of the Ether” I did a few things I was not sure at the time were wise.

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Why Not Recertify With A Written Exam From Another Track?

The question has been posed as to why I’m going after the R&S written to recertify, as opposed to the written from another CCIE track.

Intellectually, I’m interested in the other tracks.  I love networking.  It would be great to take the SP or Voice written exam.  However, it’s a matter of practicality.  I don’t do MPLS at all in my current job.  I do minimal voice, mostly focusing on QoS schemes, not call managers or dial plans. 

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Time, as they say, flies.  It seems like just yesterday I was doing my celebratory weep over the newly awarded digits, but here we are nearly two years later.  The time has come to re-certify.

To certify at the CCIE level a second time represents a choice.  You might think it’s not much of a choice (some would go so far as to call it a “no-brainer”), but it depends on what your perspective is on the value of holding the certification going forward. 

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CCIE Amnesty Program (from Eman Conde)

A little something from Eman Conde, CCIE Agent…

What does amnesty mean?  Well it has been years since I thumbed through my Funk and Wagnalls dictionary so I could not actually find it!  Instead I hopped on-line and looked it up.

Noun1.amnesty – a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment

Verb1.amnesty – grant a pardon to (a group of people)

If you have not been informed there are many ways to use your CCIE number. 

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WISB – Free Tool

Many of you may already be aware of the WISB tool freely available at  In the words of the author, the tool “is a small program that can be used to automate the configuration of network devices. This can be useful for configuring multiple devices without the need for interactive logging to the device.  Currently only Cisco Routers and Switches are supported over telnet. More to come soon.”

Take a look,

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CCIE Flyer Online Magazine

In case you’re not aware, Eman Conde has been publishing the CCIE Flyer online magazine for a few months now.  The flyer was an e-mail publication previously.  Eman’s putting together content with career advice, happenings of interest to the CCIE community, and contributions from some of us “in the trenches”.  The site is worth a visit – when you hit the main splash page, notice the table of contents link towards the bottom for the November issue.

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Persistence Pays Off

I was going through the blogroll, checking candidate blog sites to see how they were doing.  Some of the blogs are dusty.  Some are gone.  But some show success…the lab passed, the digits earned, a chapter completed, a new chapter to begin.

I think I speak for many CCIEs when I encourage you to stick with it.  Earning the CCIE is worth it.  The knowledge gained is invaluable.  The opportunities for career advancement are real. 

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Wordle Fun: A Peek Inside the Minds of

Happy Thanksgiving holiday to those of you celebrating this week.  Here’s a lighter post in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere. hosts a Java application that generates a word picture of any site with an RSS feed.  Click the thumbnail below to see what’s on the minds of bloggers.

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UPDATED – IE Makes Major Announcement Today – No, They Aren’t Becoming a Cisco Partner Or Being Bought By Cisco makes a major corporate announcement today at 11:00 PDT.  No, I don’t know what it is, but I have my guesses.  ;-)  Sign up for the webcast.

I didn’t get into the webcast, but from a buddy of mine who is, I get this tidbit:

“They’re not going to be purchased by Cisco. Turned that down 9 months ago. They’re not going to become a partner.

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Highlights – CCIE TV Broadcast from October 23, 2008

Semi-live blogging as I watched the CCIE TV event from the Cisco learning network.  This broadcast covered introductory comments, insight into the much-blogged-about Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S, updates on the Cisco Mobile Lab initiative, an update on the CCDE certification, how the beta is doing for the CCIE Wireless track, comments on the new CCIE Security 3.0 Lab exam, and finally some Q&A.

I was typing as fast as I could to get a condensed version of the show for whoever is interested. 

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Updated Saturday 10/18: Cisco Launches Authorized CCIE Training Program “Cisco 360”

Cisco has launched their own authorized CCIE training program for the routing and switching track. The program is being referred to as the “Cisco 360 Learning Program”. Cisco will be issuing more “official” details in November.  From what I can tell so far, Cisco is offering a program giving the candidate a range of training options (self-paced class-on-demand all the way through instructor-led) at a range of prices from roughly $5K to $20K.

More speculation on my part is that NMC was closely involved and might be behind much of the content.

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