About Ethan Banks

I’m the Senior Network Architect at Carenection, a startup company connecting hundreds of hospitals together throughout the United States. We deliver telehealth services, making a positive impact on the well-being of people everywhere, everyday. The Carenection team is loaded with bright, enthusiastic IT professionals full of creative ideas and positive energy.

I apply my experience & insight as a long-time networking professional to my work as an independent podcaster, writer, and speaker. You might have heard my voice with co-host Greg Ferro on Packet Pushers, read my articles on Network Computing, Network World, Information Week, or TechTarget, or heard me deliver a session at Interop.


I fit the geek stereotype reasonably well. Scifi +1, introvert +1, science +1, sarcasm +1, people -1. I have four cats and a beard. Sometimes I climb mountains or hike in far-flung places.

You might like to read my personal blog where promiscuous mode is on – visit Unfit for Humans. Unfit is a catch-all of topics that interest me. You might also like to subscribe to The Hot Aisle newsletter, where I share networking war stories and networking industry opinion I don’t share anywhere else.