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  • Episode 72 – Understanding High Dynamic Range Video
  • Episode 73 – Purism Laptops & Underage Smartphone Use
  • Eric Sutphen and I are thinking about re-tooling this show into a tighter niche. Although we have a few rabid fans, we aren’t getting the market traction we need for this show to grow. We are considering perhaps a move into alt-energy aimed at consumers. Solar, battery storage, off grid living, electric cars, LED lighting. Likely include home automation, as we think there’s a strong tie-in with home automation to an energy-efficient lifestyle. A show with more focus like this, besides being hyper-interesting to us personally, would be much more focused than the show format we’ve had since roughly the beginning.


  • I shot some promo videos with Greg Ferro about Packet Pushers, but nothing that’s been published yet. We’ll see if they work out. We were on the road, and the lighting wasn’t great. And we might use them selectively, and not make them globally available.
  • I have in mind a series on QoS design, the next big project I plan to work on when I’m done writing contributions to the book I’m co-authoring with Russ White. I should be able to make headway on the QoS idea in August and September. Not sure where this would be published. We’ve launched an idea balloon called “Convergency” for Packet Pushers, which would be a members-only site with non-sponsored, original content by me, Greg Ferro, and others.

NetIntro Book

  • June was terrible for working on the book. Between travel and vacation, I just didn’t get anything significant done.
  • July (when I’m actually composing this post about my June productivity) is proving to be much better, so more to report next month.


  • Nothing in June, although I have several ideas floating around. Lost the writing mojo a bit with all the time spent AFK.
  • Likely something coming on my forays into Amazon’s Echo, i.e. Alexa as my personal assistant and home automator. Also am developing an opinion about the usefulness of the iPad as a laptop replacement. I think a lot of the naysayers are missing the point.
  • I also see the Alexa ecosystem as a new and interesting way to share information. Alexa’s “flash briefing” concept is very interesting, for example. Might be some topics worth writing about there.
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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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