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  • None this month – too focused on Interop session prep. However, much of what I’m building for Interop will be used as a launching pad for future videos. Most likely that will become a mix of free discussions and premium content for
  • My office now has one wall painted green-screen green, courtesy of my wife.

NetIntro Book

  • IoT chapter was the focus this month. In this chapter, I briefing introduce what IoT is, then get into the problems with it that impact networkers–security, addressing, and data management.



  • Network Computing liked the “imposters” allegory I wrote.
  • Packet Pushers maintains a curated list of SD-WAN vendors to help enterprise IT folks in their research. I updated the page this month with a new Cisco Meraki MX entry after a briefing with the Meraki MX platform product manager, Joe Aronow. Thanks for taking the time, Joe. Great information shared.
  • Heavily focused on InteropITX presentations this month. I am speaking at the Future Of Networking Summit as one of the co-chairs, and that saddles me with over 3 hours of content to generate. I settled on a slide format that feels authentic. That is, I love whiteboards. I spent most of my career with large whiteboards and markers, sketching out ideas and diagramming network topologies. I found a slide format that, coupled with hand-drawn sketches on my iPad, brings that feeling back. I suppose the novelty of the approach will have worn off after 3+ hours, but it’s what I’m going with for this year.
By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks On productivity.

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