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NetIntro Book

  • I’m contributing to a book along with Jeremy Filliben and Russ White explaining fundamental networking problems and their solutions. In February, I continued a chapter on QoS, writing about CBWFQ, AQM, and CoDel.
  • I also drew QoS illustrations…badly. Some arty person is going to take my scribblings and make them presentable.
  • I also began outlining chapters on VNF, IoT, hyperscale and data analytics, and cloud fabric.
  • Note that I do not have an exceptionally clear idea of what “cloud fabric” is (assuming anyone in the industry does), but I will after I’ve written this chapter. Odd how book writing works in real-life. You don’t start out an expert necessarily. Some modicum of knowledge is presumed, of course, but you become the expert you need to be via the research required to write authoritatively on a topic.
  • Spending many hours writing about QoS forced me to re-read a lot of material I was familiar with, and well as unlearn a few points I’d gotten wrong along the way in my years as a network architect and QoS workshop presenter at Interop. Even with all of that, there’s room to get things wrong, even if it’s a subtle nuance. As the book is going through a technical review, I’m keen to find out just what other folks think is good and bad about the chapter. I’m sure I have a lot of editing ahead of me yet, which is too bad. The silly chapter is 8,500 words, and I left topics out. Had to. It’s an introductory text. So, for example, I chose to cut ECN as well as Ethernet PAUSE frames. They are relevant, but this book has nearly 30 chapters already. The thing is going to be a thousand pages the way we’re going. And I’m the SLOW writer in the group thus far!



  • I guest host for Drew Conry-Murray on Packet Pushers’ Network Break 121.
  • I am a guest on Software Engineering Daily for 13-Feb-2017.
  • I make a guest appearance on NetApp’s pop-up tech video series. My friend Amy Lewis drives those and caught me walking around at Cisco Live Europe. I suddenly found myself on camera. Link forthcoming if/when it gets published.
  • I’m working on a fun podcast for Subaru enthusiasts. In the planning stages right now.
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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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