I’ll See You At Cisco Live 2016 Las Vegas

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I will be at Cisco Live 2016 in Las Vegas. So far, my calendar has me scheduled to attend some Tech Field Day presentations, visit with vendors, hang out in the Social Media Hub, and host a CloudGenix SD-WAN mixer event (free food and drink for all, plus fellow nerds to network with, just register).

I’m just at CLUS on a social media pass, so I won’t be at all of the Cisco-specific events. That pass doesn’t get me into all the things I don’t think, but at least I’ll be around.

If you’re a vendor who would like to brief me at CLUS, I’m happy to chat. Please schedule me. If you like the podcast, I’ll have Packet Pushers stickers for you to decorate your lanyard or laptop with.

At the end of the day, I just like hanging out with nerds, so I hope to see you there. Come up and say “hi.”

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    1. Ant, that’s a 3 year old piece, and I don’t keep up with older content – would be impossible, I’m afraid. Links are a tough thing to maintain. That said, if you Google EIGRP OTP, you’ll get a lot of hits of quality content. Cisco is keeping up with that technology.

      Sorry for the dead link, and HTH.

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