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Webinar – Challenges Delivering Apps The Modern Way


I'm hosting a webinar with Citrix about application deployment in the context of a modern data center -- containers, NFV, etc. They are bringing nerds, and I am going to ask them questions. There's a live demo at the end, so they've promised me. You should register and attend via . The event is soon - Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Should You Care About Cloud Native?


To hear vendors tell the story, every enterprise in the world will be running cloud native applications on hybrid cloud networks any second now. In fact, if you’re not already firing up those containers, your business is behind. I mean…gosh…you’re probably losing thousands of dollars each minute because you’re not agile enough. You’ll be doing massive layoffs before you’re done reading this...

Handling Criticism of Your Product


Members of the IT community at large sometimes find babies ugly, and express those opinions in public. That's how community works. We share knowledge, experience, and opinions. We agree. We disagree. We discuss. We speak through our microphones and keyboards, and it's all intended to be for the greater good. How should a vendor react?

Ethan Banks Getting work done in a world of distractions.

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