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Book Recommendation: Wasteland Blues



I am a fan of any sort of apocalyptic fiction. Movies. Books. Anime. Weird Al songs. You name it. If it posits a future after the world we know is gone, I’ll give it a try. Thus it is that I recommend Wasteland Blues to you by Scott Christian Carr and my fellow Packet Pusher Andrew Conry-Murray.

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world filled with nasty critters, scary people, and a ragtag group thrown together for a cross-country journey. Wasteland Blues is an easy read. It’s a fun read. It’s even a memorable read. Months after I’ve completed it, certain images remain indelibly marked on my brain. (Specifically, the wheelchair. And the part about forced labor in the rock mine. Oh, and the big, nasty critter that…um…enough said. No spoilers.)

You should get the book, which is currently rocking 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Oh, so you’re recommending a book by a friend of yours. Gee, why should we trust your obviously biased opinion? You’re not wrong. This is a book co-authored by my friend, Drew. I am biased. No doubt about it. So…let me put it this way. I read & watch a lot of sci-fi in my spare time. While most of the fiction I consume falls right back out of my head, I remember Wasteland Blues. That says a lot.

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.

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