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Interop 2016: Introducing The Future of Networking Track @interop


logoFor the last several North American Interop conferences, I have been the Infrastructure track chair or co-chair. For Interop Las Vegas 2016, I will be doing something else. Greg Ferro and I are working together to create a new premium track titled The Future of Networking. In that track, Greg and I along with several other speakers will be discussing data center and wide area networking technologies and trends that we believe will be important over the next few years.

The point of the Future of Networking track is not to sit around and prognosticate from an ivory tower about what we think might happen. The reading of chicken entrails will be strictly limited — we promise. Rather, we will examine emerging networking technologies with genuine momentum behind them and look at their potential business and technical impact to organizations.

Put another way, we want the Future of Networking to address what you should care about as the endless parade of startups and new products clamor for your attention (and dollars). The idea is to understand what’s coming, think about it in the context of what your business needs, and make smart decisions right now in preparation. The decisions you make today will impact the decisions you are able to make tomorrow.

We’ll chat more about this track as it develops, providing registration information, etc. Stay tuned!

Note: if you’ve worked with me in the past on Infrastructure track content submission, I can put you in touch with the right folks for the upcoming Interop.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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