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Citizens of Tech Podcast Has Re-Launched!


My friend Eric Sutphen and I started the Citizens of Tech podcast using some spare capacity on the Packet Pushers platform to see what folks thought of the idea. We received lots of positive comments from the audience. Several of you stated that Citizens of Tech quickly became one of your “must listen” shows.

If you have no idea what Citizens of Tech is about, it’s a free, entertaining podcast about tech of the past, present, and future that doesn’t skimp on the nerdy details. If you like Packet Pushers, you’ll probably like Citizens of Tech, although it’s not a show about enterprise IT. Read more about it here.

With warm, glowing feelings of audience love in mind, we’ve opted to give the show a site of its very own! If you like Citizens of Tech, we hope you’ll…

We have already recorded and produced show 14 (coming out next week), and shows 15 and 16 are well underway!

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Web (including a lovely mobile site)





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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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