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Google Plus Is Mouldering


A quick search for "Google Plus is dead" reveals a number of recent articles about the pending death of the social media platform. It's not fair to say it's dead as yet. But it's certainly mouldering. I took an informal survey on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack, asking folks if they were still using G+. Here is an anonymous compilation of those results.

What Does It Mean When A Project Has Been Forked?


Open source projects that involve lots of folks sometimes run into conflicts. Should the project go in direction X, or direction Y? Is feature A more important, or feature B? And so on. Sometimes the concerns around an open source project are more pragmatic than pedantic. Should we, as a commercial entity, continue to use this open source project as is, or go in our own direction with it? The...

Citizens of Tech Podcast Has Re-Launched!


My friend Eric Sutphen and I started the Citizens of Tech podcast using some spare capacity on the Packet Pushers platform to see what folks thought of the idea. We received lots of positive comments from the audience. Several of you stated that Citizens of Tech quickly became one of your "must listen" shows. With warm, glowing feelings of audience love in mind, we've opted to give the show a...

Breach Presumption: The East-West Data Center Security Problem


A recurring trend in security briefings I've taken over the last year is that breaches are assumed. If you don't assume your infrastructure has been breached, you're ignorant, and probably willfully so. Ostrich, meet sand. A weird response my brain had to this is to ponder that if we've lost the war, why are we still fighting?

Ethan Banks On productivity.

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