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What: Me

I am raising money for the Mt. Washington Observatory (MWO), a non-profit organization engaged in weather research in New Hampshire.

View from an MWO tower overlooking the Mt. Washington summit area.
View from an MWO tower overlooking the Mt. Washington summit area during Seek The Peak 2014.

Where: Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Mt. Washington is the highest peak in the northeast US. While not especially tall by global standards, Mt. Washington still finds itself at the confluence of several weather patterns, and experiences high winds (among the highest ever recorded on earth), snowfall during every month of the year, alpine zone conditions, and winter avalanche danger. Some who train for Mt. Everest include Mt. Washington in their preparations.

Inside the MWO in 2014.
Inside the MWO in 2014.

How: Me

I am joining the 15th annual Seek The Peak fundraiser for the MWO. The idea is simple: hike to the summit, with pledgers backing the adventure. I haven’t chosen my route yet, but I have committed to hiking to the summit on July 18, 2015 — snow, rain, or shine. Here’s hoping for sunshine. Oh, and yes, I am physically capable of doing this — I’ve hiked Washington several times, including during 2014’s Seek The Peak.

Marty, the MWO's resident cat. I caught this during 2014's Seek The Peak.
Marty, the MWO’s resident cat. I caught this during 2014’s Seek The Peak.

Who: All Readers

If you’ve gotten value from the Packet Pushers podcast or this blog, I’d appreciate it if you’d donate to my Seek the Peak campaign. The process is online — easy and quick. If you’re in the US, your donation is tax deductible. Even a tiny amount is appreciated.

If you can’t muster up enough altruism to donate, you might be tempted by some of my networking, adventure, and business book collection listed on eBay. I’ve listed them on the high end of the price scale, as all proceeds will go to my Seek The Peak campaign. I’ve listed about 12 books so far, but have another 20 or so to add to the list.

Who: Vendors With Pockets

For the first three networking vendors that donate $1,000 or more, I’ll have my picture taken at the Mt. Washington summit sign with your wearable and thank you in a blog post here. Let’s partner together on this campaign and make something great happen.

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks On productivity.

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