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Is Juniper The Next Cisco?


Juniper flexed its muscles at the Innovation Showcase held in March 2015. What did they talk about? What does it mean for their customers going forward? I perform an introductory analysis.

Production Designs Are Compromise – And That’s Okay


During a bout of stress & jet lag induced insomnia, I logged onto Twitter in the wee hours to see what folks were saying. I found a number of twitpisses in my timeline. Twitpisses are arguments in which people assert that Someone On The Internet Is Wrong in 140 characters or less. After said assertion, a debate is held, using one of the worst platforms for intelligent discourse imaginable...

The ‘Why Talented Employees Stay’ Listicle – ORLY?


I’ve seen a list entitled “Why Talented Employees Stay” floating around Twitter. The list has been bothering me, because I don’t think it’s quite…right. The list is interesting, but I don’t believe it tells the whole story. Taken at face value, I think the list could even make it more difficult to retain certain people — not less.

What is the difference between throughput & goodput?


Throughput Throughput is the rate at which data is traversing a link. For example, take a look at the virtual router output below. The throughput rate is 643Kbps in each direction. CSR1KV01#show interface gi1 | include rate 30 second input rate 643000 bits/sec, 58 packets/sec 30 second output rate 643000 bits/sec, 58 packets/sec CSR1KV01# Goodput Goodput is the rate at which useful data traverses...

Review: Hosting WordPress with GoDaddy


GoDaddy recently entered the turnkey WordPress hosting fray, offering a one year trial for $1 a month. I had been toying with the idea of another blog, so I decided to give them a try. The experience of hosting at GoDaddy has been...sort of neutral.

Ethan Banks On productivity.

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