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Is Juniper About To Kill Their Entire Security Line? It Seems Not.


This is a quick follow up to a post I made a bit ago about rumored changes to Juniper’s security portfolio. I left that article with one big question in my mind.

 Is Juniper on the verge of shuttering their entire security portfolio, including the SRX firewall platform and Firefly Perimeter (vSRX)?

  • The answer to that is “no” from everyone I spoke to that’s in a position to have a clue, including some Juniper partners and employees.
  • The SRX product line runs Junos, meaning it gets internal attention, whereas non-Junos products may not. Junos babies are unlikely to be put up for adoption.
  • The SRX products fill a significant need in the Juniper product lineup. As such, they shall live on, and even thrive in the Juniper ecosystem.
  • I even understand that Firefly Perimeter is really important to Juniper in their long-term outlook, and as such there is very little chance the vSRX will be divested or killed.

There you are. Rumors laid to rest, at least to my satisfaction. You never can tell what will happen in the future, investors and shareholders being the demanding sorts that they can be. But I asked enough people who should really, truly know, and got straightforward answers.


  • These rumors are causing some interesting things. I had a call with a customer this week that is retiring their Juniper SSL VPN (the Neoteris stuff) and looking for solutions from Check Point, F5 and a few others, just because they believe Juniper is killing its security line completely.

    Juniper should really clarify what’s going on.

  • Thanks for these posts Ethan. I was confused over these announcments too. It seems they are on a purge to remove all non-junos products. The SA/MAG was another example, and a really good product too. I am curious where juniper is going with these moves.

  • Of course, why would they have recently released the SRX5400 or the new SCBE and RE-1800 for the 5K if that were the case. I understand there is potential innovation in the SRX Branch platforms also. I can sense for 2015 more of an integrated strategy for other types of security offerings from Juniper rather than the AN Other appliance piece of tin approach. The DMZ’s were getting crowded with Appliance for this, Appliance for that. The virtualization/NFV story, along with Firefly-Perimeter only adds further credence to that strategy.

  • Well, one does start to suspect things when the juniper website states that the last release for the SRX series is 12.1X :) However I have also heard that the product line will get refreshed next year, but who knows.

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