Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.

Announcement: The Hot Aisle Newsletter


I’ve launched a newsletter called The Hot Aisle. Why might you care? The Hot Aisle is a personal look at my real life IT engineering projects, thoughts about the networking industry I won’t publish anywhere else, my growingly contrarian views on social media, good stuff I’ve read, and comments from fellow Hot Aisle readers. The content is a little more raw. A little less polished. Occasionally, too blunt.

A newsletter lets me be me a little easier than podcasting or technical blogging. It’s the closest thing I can come up with to chatting over beverages in meatspace, which I won’t get to do with most of you. The world is just to darn big, and most of us are in different parts of it.

I think you’ll like The Hot Aisle. You can subscribe here.

I heartily admit to copying this idea based on John Mark Troyer’s TechReckoning newsletter. It’s absolutely fabulous.

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks Not writing about IT.

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