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ArchiveOctober 2014

Using Scapple To Help Manage Complex Network Changes


I’ve blogged about Scapple in the past, describing how I’ve been using Scapple to do basic network diagrams. If you are willing to give up some of the fancy features you get with an advanced diagramming tool like Visio or Omnigraffle, Scapple can take you reasonably far. In preparation for a recent change control, I found myself frustrated by the sheer volume of CLI code I was writing...

Announcement: The Hot Aisle Newsletter


I’ve launched a newsletter called The Hot Aisle. Why might you care? The Hot Aisle is a personal look at my real life IT engineering projects, thoughts about the networking industry I won’t publish anywhere else, my growingly contrarian views on social media, good stuff I’ve read, and comments from fellow Hot Aisle readers. The content is a little more raw. A little less...

Cisco ACI Fabric Forwarding In A Nutshell


As I study software defined networking architectures, I’ve observed that none of them are exactly alike. There are common approaches, but once diving into the details of what’s being done and how, even the common approaches seem to have as many differences as similarities. One of the most interesting elements of SDN architectures is traffic forwarding. How does traffic get from one point to...

Ethan Banks Getting work done in a world of distractions.

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