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What Does SolarWinds Know About Your Applications?


In a Tech Field Day Extra briefing held at VMworld 2014, SolarWinds chatted with the delegation about the future of their product set. If you’re thinking of SolarWinds as that little company that does red light / green light and makes pretty meters that show network bandwidth utilization, you’ve lost track of what has become an Austin, Texas technology powerhouse. Over the years...

What is Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM) & DOT?


While browsing through the blog post about the Cumulus Linux 2.2 release as well as the release notes, I noticed several references to Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM). Having not heard of this feature before, I dug in to discover what PTM is all about. First of all, here’s a PTM summarizing quote from the release notes page. PTM simplifies operations workflow and reduces risk by...

How To Find A Lost Article In Google’s Cache


I had moment of confusion when a 1,200+ word analytical piece I’d written on HP networking utterly disappeared from my WordPress site. I still don’t know what happened. The piece was written, published, and linked all over social media. It was picking up page views immediately after publication. I’d seen some re-tweets and gotten some comments. I noticed on Saturday that the...

Replacing Traditional TV & DVR with Little Streaming Boxes


After nine years with Dish Network, I’ve replaced it with an AppleTV and Roku 3 ($99 each, last time I looked). Having done that, what’s life like without traditional TV & DVR? In a nutshell, it’s just fine. My kids watch a lot of YouTube, and did before I retired Dish. I was bored with most of what I was watching on TV. My wife is only vaguely interested in TV. So...

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch (Power)?


In response to the power redundancy article I wrote yesterday, a few comments came in. One of them (thanks, Mike!) mentioned an automatic transfer switch (ATS), a useful tool in a redundant power strategy. What is an ATS? There are many types of electrical transfer switches whose primary purpose is to divert the path of electricity from one source to another, some manually and some automatically...

Missing Synergies & HP’s SDN


As someone who’s been monitoring HP’s SDN strategy for years now, news that Bethany Mayer is headed to Ixia is rather interesting. Despite HP’s networking division having had some successes and gaining small bits of market share here and there, the fact they they are leaders in the SDN space seems to go unnoticed by the broader market. My speculation as as to why that is, exactly, is along the...

Street Power vs. UPS Power In Redundant Power Supply Devices


A question came into the Packet Pushers mailbox along these lines. If a unit has two power inputs, should one go to UPS and one to street power, or is it better to have both power supplies fed by the same UPS? The issue with raw street power is that it isn’t conditioned. So, voltage and amperage irregularities might happen — events affecting the power grid can also affect whatever is...

Let’s Connect at VMworld 2014


I’ll be at VMworld in a couple of weeks. If you’re a vendor that would like to chat, please schedule me. I’d be happy to meet. If you’re a fellow IT engineer, I’d be happy to meet up as well. I’ll be hanging with folks from Tech Field Day, as well as Chris Wahl, so there’s going to be lots of social opportunities. As a side note, Chris and I have a little...

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