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CCDE Group Study KBase Site Is Up


I’ve built the framework for a CCDE knowledge base at The site uses the “KnowHow” theme designed for WordPress, which is very clean and makes it easy to organize information. There is very little actual content at the site yet. I have created several dozen articles that map to the CCDE 2.0 Written exam official blueprint from Cisco, but I’ve written almost nothing in the articles themselves yet.

For the time being, the goal of the site is to flesh out the exam blueprints. Since I’m working on the written exam 352-001, I’m starting there. The written exam blueprint as it stands is so high-level, that it’s difficult to know where to turn for information or what should be studied. My plan right now is to provide each blueprint point with more detail on what CCDE candidates should be paying attention to, and then where to go to find more information. There’s a wealth of information available in books, Cisco design guides, Cisco Live sessions, and blog posts.

If you’re interested in the CCDE program, please follow the new site. If you are a competent writer and would like to contribute, please let me know. The site supports multi-user login, and I’d be happy to set you up.

If you didn’t already know, there’s also a CCDE Group Study Google group (i.e. mailing list) all CCDE candidates are welcome to join.

UPDATE 10-March-2014

At this time, I can’t drum up any interest in this site from the community. To make it go, a wiki needs contributors. I tried several times to build community around this idea and gain contributors, but it seems I’m about the only one interested (with a few exceptions). ;-) While I’d hoped to do a bunch of wiki entries during 2014, a couple of sizable projects came my way that are preventing me from driving the wiki. So for now, the project is dormant. I might pick it up at some point in the future. That depends on whether or not I choose to continue pursuit of the CCDE.

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