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Burst: Aryaka Offers Optimized Private WANs Via Your Internet Connection

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logo_AryakaWhile googling around for “SDN WAN”, I stumbled onto Aryaka. While they have little to do with the technology I was actually researching, I found their product interesting. Aryaka is going after the WAN optimization market (Riverbed in particular) and MPLS providers by offering an optimized connection for globally distributed enterprises. As I understand it from poking around the Arkaya website, an organization connects their offices to the Aryaka private network via local Internet connections. Arkaya provides WAN optimization and privacy.


  1. You probably already have an Internet connection or two, making time to delivery short when compared to getting last mile, local loop services provisioned from one of the national or global carriers.
  2. You don’t have to own a WAN optimization infrastructure. If you’ve priced out WAN op hardware and maintenance, you know it’s pricey. As WAN bandwidth costs comes down and applications get smarter about working well across a LFN, investing in WAN op gear is a harder and harder sell. Arkaya lets you have your cake and eat it too. You get WAN op as a service.
  3. You don’t have to maintain a separate, private WAN.
  4. Pricing???


  1. Many companies use Internet & private WAN as redundant paths between remote offices. This scheme would need to be reconsidered in the Aryaka model. (A minor design issue overall, but worth mentioning.)
  2. Since the public Internet is used at least as far as the remote office to the nearest Aryaka POP, latency and jitter could pose concerns for enterprises running real-time applications like voice & video. That said, Vonage has made a business out of providing voice service to residential customers via the Internet. So perhaps that concern is overstated.
  3. Pricing???

I’m not familiar with Arkaya’s pricing model, although I am scheduling an exploratory conversation with them. I have a use-case.

A “burst” is a quick post to raise awareness of a topic I found interesting.

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