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CCDE Practical Exam Testing Locations Expanded


Cisco PR let me know about some changes to the CCDE practical exam testing and process. Rather than summarize the points myself, I’ll just quote the official statement.

Learning@Cisco today announced that the Cisco CCDE® practical exam will be available at all Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs) worldwide beginning with the February 20, 2014 exam administration. The ability to conveniently take the CCDE practical exam at a local PPC testing center eliminates the stress and expense of traveling to a remote exam location.

Cisco has enhanced the overall exam administration experience to offer candidates more flexibility in several areas.

  • Choosing your exam location: The number of locations where this exam can be administered will increase from eight to 275.
  • Registering for the exam: Registration will close one day before the test date. However, candidates are encouraged to register at least 45 days in advance for most locations to guarantee PPC sites will be open for the required nine hours to administer the CCDE practical exam.
  • Breaking for lunch: Candidates can take a lunch break after they finish Section Two and are no longer required to take a lunch break simultaneously.
  • Exam Content: There are no changes to the exam content, scoring methodology, or modular testing approach. The CCDE practical exam continues to be offered three to four times per year.

Additional Information: See the FAQ for more details:

To see the upcoming CCDE practical exam dates and to register, visit:

My opinion is that Cisco is trying hard to popularize the CCDE certification. Earning the CCDE title is a hard slog with little formalized curriculum and a difficult practical exam with a low passing rate. Being able to attempt the CCDE practical anywhere there’s a Pearson Professional Center should make it more palatable to members of the global networking community who otherwise might not have bothered.

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks On productivity.

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