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Burst: Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) SDK Coming Soon


Cisco is enabling enterprises to customize their mobile apps via the Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) SDK. The SDK is not shipping yet. A beta program with select app partners begins in November 2013 with general availability expected in March 2014.

The point of CMX is to give real-time context to mobile apps. As in, you’re here (at a store, bank, theme park, whatever). Now that we know you’re here, we’re going to customize your mobile app experience. So, upon entrance to a CMX-capable facility, the product will enable a consumer mobile device to be able to receive a push notification, launch a mobile app, connect to a guest WLAN, and receive real time location updates. Retailers see this as the new way to shop. The retailers get a benefit with the opportunity for improved revenue (i.e. you spend more), and the consumer gets a benefit because you get a hold of what you needed. Or wanted.

Cisco is expecting to deliver SDK binaries for iOS & Android, CMX cloud server software, demo/sample app, and tech support.


Cisco anticipates selling the CMX SDK to brick & mortar retailers with in-house app developers. Think Wal-Mart, Target, Disney sorts of companies.


Cisco provides the SDK. The retailer owns the physical infrastructure – access points, wireless LAN controller, and related CMX boxes will be hosted at the enterprise facilities. In the future, Cisco Advanced Services may work with a customer to integrate local CMX assets with a cloud-hosted version of the CMX backend platform.


From the consumer perspective, products like CMX and the CMX SDK raise privacy concerns. Cisco assured us that CMX-enabled mobile apps will be permissions based – the end user needs to opt in for the “experience”. Also, there is a one-way hash for some private data. And of course, the ultimate opt-out is to shut off mobile device wifi. CMX doesn’t work across carrier networks – only local wifi.


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