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New Publications – SDN Report & Video


Some more content that I’ve generated in recent months has been published. The first one is the SDN survey that many of you responded to when I put the word out. Thank you for making the survey statistically relevant. All the opinions gathered helped to put a good story together for the state of SDN from the consumer perspective. The report will definitely require you to log into InformationWeek – sorry about that. I can feel your anger, but it’s not my fault. It’s how InformationWeek and similar publications make money. They pay me to write the piece; they harvest your name to read it.

2013 SDN Survey: Growing Pains
InformationWeek Report, 15-August-2013.

This video you can just watch – no login required that I can tell, unless there’s some cookie allowing me to get to it without otherwise identifying myself. I’d embed the video directly, but I would need a BrightCove account, and I don’t have one. Anyway, the video was a discussion I had with Rivka Little about my opinions on SDN, how one could implement it today, and where it’s headed, especially in terms of northbound and southbound protocols. Much of what I said I still agree with. Some, I don’t – an indicator of how quickly the technology is moving.

Video: Ethan Banks talks SDN implementation and OpenFlow protocol
TechTarget SearchSDN, 21-August-2013. This was recorded in April 2013 at Modern Infrastructure Decisions, NYC.

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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