Ethan Banks On productivity. Queues Up #NFD6 – Let’s Open Some Presents


I’ll be a delegate at Networking Field Day 6 in San Jose, to be held September 11 – 13, 2013. For those unfamiliar with Tech Field Day, the idea is to take a bunch of peer-reviewed networking geeks who are socially engaged (bloggers, podcasters, etc.), and send them to Silicon Valley to hear technical presentations. Delegates are not paid, but their travel and expenses are covered. The event is financed by vendors who pay to present. What vendors get out of this is as follows:

  • A meatspace audience of technically competent IT folks who do not work for vendor competitors.
  • A live audience of interested parties viewing the presentations in real time via Internet streaming.
  • A delayed audience of folks who view the archived video presentations.
  • A multiplied audience of those who follow the delegates. Most of us have from hundreds to thousands of followers through various channels, and we’ll write or podcast about the vendor presentations that interest us.

The vendors who are sponsoring NFD6 follow.


Engineers not a part of the delegation can interact remotely by watching the real-time event feed and tweeting to the delegates. The official event tag is #NFD6, so use that to be sure we’ll see your query (or to filter out the noise if you couldn’t care less.) We’ll be tweeting the live stream feed when the time comes and/or embedding the feed in our blogs.

Networking Field Day 6 is an interesting mix of vendors, some of whom have presented to TFD delegations in the past, but some have not. Some of these vendors are in the SDN space, but I’m anticipating a bit of a change in tone in the SDN-related presentations. Specifically, I’m hoping for a little less on the mechanics of SDN, and little more on the functionality. Less peering under the hood at the shiny spark plugs, and a little more driving the car.

As an aside, I think it’s time for vendors to stop selling “SDN,” and start selling solutions that fix problems. If SDN happens to be the catalyst that drives a clever solution, I’m all for that. And that’s not to say that I don’t care how something new works – obviously, I care. Any engineer cares about that sort of thing. But Santa’s been coming down the chimney for a long time now. Let’s open some presents, okay?

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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