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An Overview of EIGRP Over the Top (OTP)


I wrote up a summary of Cisco’s newly announced EIGRP OTP feature for my blog on Network Computing. OTP is pretty interesting.

“EIGRP Over the Top (OTP) allows EIGRP routers to peer across a service provider infrastructure without the SP’s involvement. In fact with OTP, the provider won’t see customer routes at all. EIGRP OTP acts as a provider-independent overlay that transports customer data between the customer’s routers.

To the customer, the EIGRP domain is contiguous. A customer’s EIGRP router sits at the edge of the provider cloud, and peers with another EIGRP router a different location across the cloud. Learned routes feature a next hop of the customer router — not the provider. Good news for service providers is that customers can deploy EIGRP OTP without their involvement.”

From CiscoLive US 2013 presentation BRKRST-2336, page 71.

For those who care, I go as deeply into OTP as I can in the post, which you can just click through to and read with no registration, AFAIK. There’s a limited amount of information that I could find, but there’s a reasonably complete picture painted. Certainly good enough to get the idea of what’s going on. I’m hoping Cisco’s Donnie Savage will have the cycles (and permission of his handlers) to record a Packet Pushers podcast on OTP, like he did to discuss Open EIGRP in show 144 along with Russ White.


  • Nice job on the article. It seems like DMVPN with EIGRP is way simpler (not to mention well tested) for hub-and-spoke environments, so as you mention the benefit here is with any-to-any. Do you think that EIGRP OTP + GETVPN + LISP is actually simpler than DMVPN spoke-to-spoke with EIGRP? It certainly seems like a good alternative to building MPLS VPNs over IPSec.

    • There’s nothing to configure as far as the LISP component goes. LISP just happens to be the encapsulation format in play. As far as the rest? I’m not sure. It would be interesting to do a side-by-side configuration comparison of DMVPN with EIGRP vs EIGRP OTP with GETVPN. I’m speculating that EIGRP OTP w/ GETVPN would be simpler, but I’d have to spend the time to build them up. And right now, I don’t have access to anything that runs OTP. If I can get a hold of Donnie Savage to discuss OTP in more detail, that’s definitely something I’ll bring up.

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