CCDE Wiki Site Progress

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I proposed to the CCDE group study mailing list (feel free sign up if you’re interested) the idea of a CCDE wiki. The point is to create a wiki that maps the CCDE blueprint topics to text that fleshes them out in more detail, including links to reference material on the topics. The CCDE candidate could use this to better understand what they are expected to know and create a study strategy. Interested candidates could contribute articles that explain topics as deeply as they like. Over time, it’s plausible that the wiki could become a knowledge repository that’s more than just a well-informed guideline.

Some candidates think this is a useful idea, so I’ve gone ahead and asked my hosting provider to spin up a new WordPress instance for me. After I’m back from Cisco Live US and caught up on publishing all of the content Greg and I generate in Orlando, I’ll settle on a template plus any plugins that need to be added to make a simple-to-manage and easy-to-collaborate wiki site and get it fired up. I realize that most candidates won’t have the cycles available to contribute, but I see this as a long term project that will grow in value, little by little.

URL coming soon.

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