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CCDE Written Scheduled at Cisco Live + My CLUS Sessions


I’m heading to Cisco Live US (CLUS) to cover the event along with Greg Ferro as a host of the Packet Pushers podcast. My primary focus while I’m at CLUS will be recording podcasts with Cisco folks, attending as many sessions as I can fit it, and catching up with friends I rarely get to see in meatspace. Okay…I think that’s three foci. Anyway.

Along with a full CLUS registration comes an exam. Therefore, I decided to get a look at 352-001, the CCDE written. I do not feel I’m ready for it, and I know many well-certified and experienced folks that have failed it. Might I pass it? I might. I passed 350-001 CCIE R&S written not that many months ago, but I know from the CCDE written blueprint that there’s too many topics I haven’t gone over yet. I’m just not as deep into my reading as I would like to be.

I’m looking at this exam attempt as reconnaissance. I get the chance to see just what I’ll need to do to properly prepare for the exam if I don’t pass it this time around. And that’s a good thing. I should be able to discern both breadth and depth of topics, and that will inform my future study strategy so that I can get through this qualification phase. Then I can move on to scheduling the practical.

As far as design-oriented CLUS sessions, I’ve got the following scheduled, any or all of which will be pre-empted if I am double-booked to host a podcast recording.

  • BRKCRT-8862 – Cisco Certified Architect: How to complete the journey from CCIE to CCDE to CCAr
  • BRKDCT-2081 – Cisco FabricPath Technology and Design
  • BRKDCT-2202 – FabricPath Migration Use Case
  • BRKRST-3046 – Advanced LISP – What’s In It For Me?
  • BRKCCIE-9594 – MPLS for Route & Switching CCIE Candidates
  • BRKMPL-2108 – Designing MPLS in Next Generation Data Center: A Case Study
  • BRKRST-3051 – Core Network Design: Minimizing Packet Loss with IGPs and MPLS

Less relevant for CCDE but still of strong interest to me are these sessions on SDN.

  • PNLRST-4007 – Real Software Defined Networking Solutions: Optimize in an Open Network Environment
  • BRKRST-2051 – Software Defined Networks and OpenFlow
  • BRKRST-2117 – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to onePK
  • BRKDCT-2314 – Agile Automated Data-Centers: Applying SDN-concepts to next-gen Data-Center Architecture

One odd little detail I haven’t grokked is whether or not there’s going to be a CCIE party at CLUS. I can’t find any mention of it. Anyone know anything about it?

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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