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Collection of CCDE Study Approaches & Testimonials


This group of links discuss the CCDE program in a general sense. The point of these links is to provide the CCDE candidate with a perspective on the program and with motivation to pursue the certification. I have sorted them in reverse chronological order, because the CCDE program has changed over time – in its second version as of this writing. Therefore, older links might not be as relevant as newer ones to current candidates.

How To Become A CCDE
by Himawan Nugroho, 31-May-2013

Future of the CCDE Program
by Jeremy Filiben, April-2013

Unique CCDE Certification Showcases Network Design Skills
by Cisco Learning Network RE: Tony Brown/Verizon, March-2013

History of the CCDE, Part 2
by Jeremy Filiben, February-2013

History of the CCDE
by Jeremy Filiben, December-2012

Preparing for the CCDE: The Scalability and Flexibility Domains
by Russ White, 18-July-2012

Preparing for the CCDE: The Availability Domain
by Russ White, 29-June-2012

Cisco Certification Roundtable from Cisco Live US 2012
by Packet Pushers Podcast, 28-June-2012 (includes section on CCDE program with Russ White)

My Journey to CCDE
by Ronnie Angello, 24-June-2012

by Russ White, 16-June-2012

Prepping for the CCDE Practical
by Denise Fishburne, 22-Jan-2012

CCDE Written
by Petr Lapukhov, 24-May-2010

CCDE Practical Tips
by Ron Trunk, 16-July-2009

My Experience Taking The CCDE Practical Beta
by Colin McNamara, 5-October-2008

Please let me know of others, and I will add them to the list. Thanks.

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