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CCDE Group Study Mailing List Formed – Sign Up via URL If You Like

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I built a Google Groups mailing list for people interested in CCDE. Yes, there’s a Cisco Learning Network CCDE community, but it’s lightly traveled. Plus, you’re forced to use the web interface from what I can tell. (Someone let me know if I’m wrong about that – maybe I didn’t click/mash my way through enough icons to find the right settings.) Since I’d much rather have a mail-only option, here we go.!forum/ccdegroupstudy

As of this morning and to the best of my knowledge, I’ve invited everyone to the list who expressed an interest via e-mail, Twitter, blog comments, or LinkedIn. Going forward, CCDE candidates can sign up for the list at will using the URL above.

The group is global with a variety of networking backgrounds – looking forward to a good information exchange.