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CCDE Study Group – Updates


Three quick items for those interested in the CCDE program.

  1. I’ve created a Google Groups mailing list for CCDE group study, and I’ll be sending out invitations shortly to everyone that responded to my query. The idea is to use the mailing list to coordinate study activities, exchange information, and engage in technical discussion. I believe there is at least one CCDE study mailing list already in existence. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes if that’s how creating a new list is perceived. It’s more that I’m trying to get together a specific group of folks that responded to my inquiry about putting a study group together.
  2. I’m talking with Cisco about the possibility of a CCDE wiki that would help organize the knowledge domains and provide candidates with a better plan of attack for the program. I’m a big believer in organization when going after certifications. Right now, the CCDE plan of attack seems to be “read a lot of books,”  “take the tests,” and “good luck.” Cisco might not want a wiki outside of a domain they own (like the Cisco Learning Network), so I don’t really know how this is going to work out yet. I do have support for the wiki idea from one person closely associated with the CCDE program; they agree with me that such a tool would be valuable to candidates, and that it doesn’t already exist. I’d like to build this wiki outside of the CLN to be honest, because I don’t care for the busy and “social” CLN look and feel. CLN needs a lot of clicks to find anything, and the column format they use is too narrow for my tastes. (Which isn’t to say CLN isn’t popular…because it clearly is.)
  3. I’ve gotten a good head of steam up reading “Optimal Routing Design, and plan to start blogging through the big ideas as a way to keep important concepts in my brain. This approach seemed useful back when I was doing this same thing in 2007-2008 for CCIE prep, so I’ll try it again. Now, *if* the wiki idea comes together, I would most likely turn from blogging to writing wiki entries instead. TBD.
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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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