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I do not support SOPA (read here if you are unfamiliar with the topic). How could I? I’m a libertarian, and SOPA is big government at its heavy-handed worst. And yes, I’m FOR intellectual property protection. I create and share quite a lot of original content when I blog and podcast, and I’d like legal recourse if I found my material getting ripped off.

That said, the issue for me isn’t the purported intent of SOPA, which I somewhat cynically interpret to be that big media companies want superpowers to stop people from ripping music and movies and then giving the copyrighted content away via the Internet. That’s a limited interpretation admittedly, and certainly there are other applications for SOPA as outlined in the Wikipedia article I linked to above.

The real issue as I see it is the propensity for government to abuse their power, similar to the Patriot Act. Excessive power in the government’s hands is a bad thing for the people subject to that power, and SOPA is far beyond where I interpret the “excessive” line to be drawn. SOPA lets the government get involved where it doesn’t belong, and the end result of that will be unintended negative consequences.

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Hey, government – stop helping. We’re fine here. Go away. You still have that whole global military industrial complex to disassemble, so work on that. That should keep you occupied for a while. And if you get done with that, work on American education. It’s globally recognized as sucking because you’re doing it wrong, so maybe that requires a bit of sorting. Oh, and the whole energy thing? I couldn’t help but notice you have no useful answers there either…so uh…maybe SOPA shouldn’t be on the list right now.

See everyone tomorrow. For the rest of the day, I’m off the social networks. It doesn’t count for much perhaps, but I’m going to observe the SOPA Blackout Day today.

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