A Fun Fail From HootSuite

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I use HootSuite.com to manage aspects of my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. HootSuite burped this morning, and when it did, up came a very well-done failure message. If you’re gonna fail, you might as well have fun with it.

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  1. Are you using the free plan or pro? I was looking around at it and wonder if it is worth 6 bucks a month. Do you find it really helps with social media?

    • I’m using the free plan right now. I like it because it can cross-post into multiple accounts. I use it mostly for Twitter, though. It’s fast, reliable, and similar to what TweetDeck was the last time I used it. There’s some good reporting as well – like tracking click-thrus for ow.ly links you post, which tells you what folks are interested in reading.

  2. I’ve been using the client on my iPad, but after seeing this, went to the web based client. What a cool web-based app! Nice replacement for Tweetdeck since Twitter ruined it.

  3. I have been trying it out, I don’t know if I can get used to it though. I feel like it gets in the way as opposed to just going to twitter or FB’s site.

    • Depends on what your goals are. I don’t use Facebook or LinkedIn very much except to post links to folks who follow me because I blog and podcast, so HootSuite is perfect. It’s linked to all those accounts, and I just check the boxes to post a link to all of those accounts at once. I wish it supported G+.

      For Twitter though, I guess I disagree, in that I’ve never liked the native Twitter web interface all that much. I used TweetDeck for a long time, but got a little tired of dealing with Adobe Air updates (plus I hear things have gone south as Matthew points out). And then I found out about HootSuite, and gave it a shot. I am used to the waterfall of columns, the search engine is fast, and I am able to report & block spammers with two clicks. Plus all of the columns I build are tied to my HootSuite account, so all my columns are available on the iPhone as well.