Improve Reading In Your Browser with The Liberation Font Set

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I love the Liberation fonts, freely downloadable from here. When I find myself using an operating system that lacks Liberation, I miss the fonts immediately. The Liberation fonts are highly readable & scalable (meaning words are clear even when the font gets small), and offer a full complement of TrueType serif (with curly adornments) and sans-serif (plain or clean lettering) looks. I like to install the Liberation fonts (on Windows, just download the font package, extract, and then right-click the .TTF files to install), and then set up the Google Chrome browser to use them.

I recommend you give it a try for an improved web browsing experience. I read on the web quite a lot, and Liberation fonts make web sites easier to read, in my opinion.

These are my settings in Chrome; I also set the default page zoom to 120%, which works well on my 1920×1080 screen resolution.

Click the graphic to see it full-size.

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