Manipulating Klout is a website that generates a metric for folks engaged in social media. The idea is that the higher your Klout score, the greater the influence you have on your audience. As I’m a person that likes to understand cause and effect, I’ve been actively monitoring my Klout score for the last few […]

Feedly Instead of Reader: Augmented Reality for RSS Feeds

Google Reader upset me recently. I don’t remember exactly what they did anymore. Something about shoving G+ down my throat. Whatever – the point is that Google’s changes to the venerable RSS tool they call Reader disturbed me enough that I went looking for an alternative. And I have found one. It’s not the RSS […]

How I See Things vs. How My Cat Sees Things

Cribbed from the Internet, your moment of cat.  

Tips On Getting Things Done For The Person Already Stretched

I am a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional stories about Middle-Earth. There are times where Tolkien paints a picture with words by putting down a phrase that leaves you with more of an impression than outright explicit description. Thus it is when Bilbo describes how his considerable years are wearing on him. “I feel thin, […]

Another Fun Fail, This One From Twitter – No, It’s Not The Fail Whale

I’ve seen the infamous Twitter “fail whale” any number of times, but this fail message I saw today was a wee bit different. And dare I say, a little frightening (in a fun way). This one tells me that something in the Twitterverse has actually gone badly wrong, as opposed to simply lacking the capacity […]


I do not support SOPA (read here if you are unfamiliar with the topic). How could I? I’m a libertarian, and SOPA is big government at its heavy-handed worst. And yes, I’m FOR intellectual property protection. I create and share quite a lot of original content when I blog and podcast, and I’d like legal […]