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Persistence Pays Off


I was going through the blogroll, checking candidate blog sites to see how they were doing.  Some of the blogs are dusty.  Some are gone.  But some show success…the lab passed, the digits earned, a chapter completed, a new chapter to begin.

I think I speak for many CCIEs when I encourage you to stick with it.  Earning the CCIE is worth it.  The knowledge gained is invaluable.  The opportunities for career advancement are real.  The task is difficult, and the journey is long – longer for some than for others.  But don’t quit.  Seeing those numbers next to your name after working so hard to earn them is a reward like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Even if all you do in a day is read a quick DocCD entry, do a simple rack exercise, listen to a CoD MP3, or review your notes, don’t give up.  Persistence pays off.


  • Speaking of CoD mp3’s , any advice there ?
    With the current situation in Belgium, i spend more then 2 hours in the car standing still. Imo, time i could spend better.

  • Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement, Ethan… I dream with those digits next to my name.

  • As for me, I recorded CoD audio to my hard drive, then had my audio software chop it up into 5 minutes segments or so. Then I tagged it and loaded it onto my player. I edit audio as a hobby, so this was a straightforward task for me. I know several other candidates I’ve talked to have done the same thing. I know of folks who have read chapters or their notes into their computer so that they could play them back in the car, too.

  • Agreed…I too appreciate your comments and encouragement!

    I also have a 1.5 – 2 hour one-way commute most days…I used IPExpert’s COD. It’s great for bullet-point level review of the subjects. Narbik is also supposed to be coming out with an audio series. Hopefully it’ll be released at least a couple of weeks before my exam.

  • Good point about doing something, anything on a lazy or busy day. On my ‘offduty’ days, when i’ve been working overtime or spent time with my family, i have a list of things to do when i’m off rack. audio on the ipod, CoD on the PC, browse my notes or even read other people’s blogs. (no, today is not an offday, i always read this site’s posts).

    And I new one I’ve been doing: print out labs and soutions and review them in bed before going to sleep. I used to read novels, but labs are my new novels :(

    btw, is no longer up, but i don’t have the time. Nor do i seem to post stuff that people don’t already know. But i learn some interesting things from our Cisco reps (CCIEs) that we have on site. Maybe i’ll volunteer some material here.

  • Have just began the journey.
    I started guite late I’ve lived over half a century but I’m eager to try. Thanks for being positive.
    Hope to give first try next summer.
    Are there any over 50 up there?

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Ethan Banks On productivity.

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