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The more I tune out, the less I miss it. But that has presented me with some complex choices for a nuanced approach to curb

Persistence Pays Off

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I was going through the blogroll, checking candidate blog sites to see how they were doing.  Some of the blogs are dusty.  Some are gone.  But some show success…the lab passed, the digits earned, a chapter completed, a new chapter to begin.

I think I speak for many CCIEs when I encourage you to stick with it.  Earning the CCIE is worth it.  The knowledge gained is invaluable.  The opportunities for career advancement are real.  The task is difficult, and the journey is long – longer for some than for others.  But don’t quit.  Seeing those numbers next to your name after working so hard to earn them is a reward like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Even if all you do in a day is read a quick DocCD entry, do a simple rack exercise, listen to a CoD MP3, or review your notes, don’t give up.  Persistence pays off.

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