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Narbik Kocharians/Micronics and Partnering

149 Words. Plan about 1 minute(s) to read this. released this news byte today discussing a partnership between Micronics Training and IPExpert.  Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

“In order to facilitate a candidate’s desire to study with multiple vendor-provided materials and courses, IPexpert has partnered with Micronics, Inc., a competitor in some respects. Through this arrangement, a customer is able to purchase the products from both vendors at a discounted price.

The owner of Micronics, Narbik Kocharians, is a veteran in the IT (Information Technology) industry, with over 30 years of experience and many career certifications to his credit. Mr. Kocharians has worked with IPexpert in various capacities over the past several years, forming a strong relationship between the two companies.

“We are pleased to work closely with Narbik once again,” said Wayne Lawson, who is the Founder and President at IPexpert. “We believe that customers will greatly benefit from this offering,” he added.”

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