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Server Re-imaged: We Can Make It Bigger, Stronger, Faster


I am hoping that the server stability problems I was having a week or so ago have been resolved.  I re-imaged the server from scratch, so the memory leak should be a thing of the past.

But the server stability wasn’t why the site was down for a week.  I took the site down on purpose for other reasons I think most of you are aware of.  More on that in a bit.


  • I’m still tweaking on this new server a bit. I’m having an issue with hung PHP processes eating memory. After a bit of digging, I think I’ve hit on a PHP configuration that will deal with the memory problem better.

  • It’s only been a week, and this server is a headache again. I can’t win here. I need to move away from trying to host myself and let someone else worry about these headaches. Very frustrating. Everytime I think I tweaked the right thing, it goes dead again. I don’t want to figure it out – this is stuff that should just work.

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks On productivity.

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