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New Server For

N has been moved to a new server. The site should be more responsive, as the new server is more powerful and has more bandwidth.


  • The old server(s) that ran the site were in my basement. Want to hear something sad? The new server that I have to connect to across the Internet feels snappier than the old server I had to connect to via my LAN.

  • I can now login again here so that’s great :). Had some problems with that on the other server.

  • Excellent. I’ve been doing as much testing as I can. Moving to a new server is painful when you’ve got integrated web, sql, dns, and mail.

    As I was out working in my driveway, I remembered that I never tested the SMTP on this new box, so I just spent a bunch of time tweaking that, making sure e-mail is getting delivered, etc.

    Hopefully, I caught everything, and we’re at 100%. I figure someone will ping me if I managed to break something. :)

By Ethan Banks
Ethan Banks On productivity.

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