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Request For Comments – CCIE Command Memorizer


Anyone used the CCIE Command Memorizer product and care to comment? I’m not at all familiar with it. At a glance, I don’t see how it would have fit into my particular method of preparation. I did labs and labs and labs, and as a side-effect memorized practically every command I needed to know for the lab exam. But I haven’t used this tool – perhaps some of you have tried it and liked it.

Opinions welcome. Comment here or unicast me with your thoughts.


  • Hey Ethan! Big fan of your blog..

    I’m still only studying for CCNA so obviously I haven’t used the product. But maybe my limited experience with memorizing commands vs. doing actual lab would be representative of others’ experience on it as well. Or not.

    I tried the memorize-the-commands method of studying and from my experience, it doesn’t work. By the time I’m done going through all the list of commands I needed to know for the exam, I already forget more than half of them.

    However, doing labs actually puts the command in context and allows you to “interact” with the command better, thus helping you to memorize it better. In fact that’s what Wendell Odom suggested in his CCNA books. Just like you said, labs, labs, labs and as a side-effect you learn it anyway. But I had to go and write up a command list and try memorizing them anyway. The labs trumps rote memorization any day.

    Looking forward to more of your blogging… not that Keith is not cool… He’s actually a remarkable writer. But you know what I mean.. ;)

  • I just bought that a few weeks ago to use when I have to be offline on my laptop or so forth. I like it, but it does have it’s limits ofcourse.

    You have to type out the whole command, you can not shortcut them at all or else it will say incorrect :). I am not use to having to type out the commands in full.

  • Hey buddy!

    Great product, didn´t knew about that… it seens to be a good tool!

    It seens that Richard Bannister is using it for a while now, and he is part of the development team (I think he just joined, don´t know)… I will give a try to the tool sometime soon, not now, but soon, well… if it really worths, £59.99 is not too expensive!

    See the links to Richard´s posts:

    Best Regards,
    Caue Wailemann

  • Hi Ethan,

    Great blog. Thanks for the write up on the CCIE Command Memorizer.

    The CCIE Command Memorizer compliments lab preparation. It can help you practice a particular topic without having to build a lab first or get basic connectivity working.

    What I found useful when I was studying is that rather than just reading about commands, this will force you to recall the particular command which helps prove that you actually remember the command rather than just recognize the command when you see it.

    It is also useful if you just have a few minutes on a train or in an airport and want to practice. I have listed more benefits on our website.

    Please unicast me about the CCIE Command Memorizer if you would like to try this for yourself.

    David Bombal

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